Tidbits of Talk 13.3

Hello? Is anyone out there? I am guessing no, since I haven’t written in what seems like months even though it is has been a little over a week. I swear I have some good reasons and some updates so let’s get this Friday tidbits rolling shall we?

~ I got the flu. Yep, got it and no I did not get a flu shot. Did it suck? Yes. Did I start Tamiflu immediately and did it help? I think so. But it was a slow form of torture for me and for Glenn since he was single parenting as I was shivering in bed.  Prayers I did not give it to my family mkay?

~ We have a new form of anger in our house from our 16 month daughter in hitting. I don’t get it. We have never dealt with it before. We know time out is not effective at this age so we are looking for any suggestions.  We are sternly saying no when she does it but I would be lying if a) Glenn and I both haven’t been nailed at least once by her and b) it is not a tad funny coming from my tiny girl.

~ Negotiations with a three year old are tough people. I feel like everything is up for negotiation. The bath, ipad and even dinner. Oy…

~Glenn has been pressuring me to get decorating. Sunday, I spent a ton of money and came home with three chairs, a rug and we got 10 new curtains delivered. I will show you some pics soon but leave you with this link.  How cute right?

~ I joined the Fresh 20 after reading about it here. I am hoping it will inspire even more healthy dinners in my house. Anyone reading a member already?

~Cate started gymnastics on Saturday. So stinking cute…

~ Have you read this post? Do you follow her on Instagram. Her pics are amazing!
~Four days off following three days of finals at school so this weekend will be filled with couch cuddles, naps, and lots of family time which is just what the doctor ordered!

Happy Friday friends! Sorry for the lack of pictures. I am vowing to get my camera out, the real one, this wekeend. No excuses! And, yes, I promise to get back to blogging regularly!