30 Things- Number 12

12. A Typical Day in Our House

{She hate the mittens if you can’t tell.} 
In case you missed my post last week about this series I have started, you can read about it here.  Committing to doing this is hard. But, I am going to try to get in all in this space.  I thought I would tell you about a typical day in our house but trying to take pictures to prove it just wasn’t in the cards.  Baby steps people. So, I will leave you pictures from our fun in the snow Saturday.  
5:20am- Glenn’s alarm goes off and he gets out the door and to the gym. It’s literally in our back yard! I reset the alarm and go back to sleep until 5:55. Depending on what I have going on that day, sometimes going back to sleep is impossible.

5:55am- My alarm goes off and I hop in the shower. I watch the monitor as I shower begging for Brady and Cate to stay asleep. Knock on wood, they have never woken up. 

6:30- Glenn comes home from the gym. Usually Brady is awake and watching tv in our bed under the covers, while I get ready and Glenn showers.

7:00- Brady is dressed, has juice and he and I attempt to get out the door with little drama. The shoes, mittens, boots, coat and hat routine takes a while and that is just for him. I grab my lunch, school bag, gym bag and his daycare bag and we are out the door.

7:05- Starbucks. Need I say more? We usually utilize the drive-thru and Brady gets a petite vanilla bean scone.

7:15- Cate wakes and Glenn gets her changed and ready for our nanny. Usually she leaves him a “lovely” present in her diaper.

7:20- Daycare drop-off.  Some days this is easy peasy and other days it is a horrible start to the day.

7:45- School. Meetings. Class. Observations. Reports.

7:45- Daddy leaves for work.

4:00- Daycare pick up. Usually this goes smoothly with Brady greeting me with a bear hug and ready to leave but some days he cries because he wants to stay at school and play.  We head home and relieve the nanny and see Cate who usually waiting by the door.

4:30- I usually get dinner started and Brady and Cate start whining. Cate is spends from now until dinner time scavengering  for any food we will give her and Brady is looking for milk and for me to turn on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

5:00- Glenn walks in the door. 
5:30- Dinner. Chaos. Lots of negotiations, shoveling of food in our mouths and frustration.

6:00- Bath. Depending on the night who gives baths changes. Lately, I have been giving Brady a bath and Glenn does Cate. While Cate is taking a bath, we usually play hide and seek with Brady.

6:30- Play. We try to really play with the kids after the bath. Sometimes I leave for the gym if I didn’t work out at school.

7:00- Cate goes down and takes her only bottle of the day. It is warm milk and she has started to ask for her “baba” when she is really tired.  Brady usually settles in with legos and then moves to the iPad.

7:30- Bottle and sippy cup washing, cleaning up the kitchen, packing lunches and getting organized usually happens.  At least a night a week one of us is either at the gym or working late which makes this look different.

8:00- Lights out for Brady. He always asks for “three more minutes” and then we have to count down to have him turn the iPad off.  Usually he wants us to carry him up and then we read one story and he is asleep.  (Yes, I know we are lucky).

8:15- Glenn and I try to watch a show together or at least talk for a bit each night. Some nights we watch different tvs but usually we watch together.  I am usually on email or grading while we watch something. 

9:00- Glenn and I head upstairs. We are both reading a lot lately, so we settle in with our e-readers for the night. Some nights, I grade on my iPad, respond to emails and work from bed.

10:00- Lights out.