30 Things- Number 4

{10 Things You Would Tell Your  16 Year Old Self}
Happy Monday Friends! I took a blogging break for a week, okay maybe two because life just forced me to but I am back and ready to go with some posts.

{Edit- I wrote this in one sitting without thinking, just writing. Funny what comes to your mind right?} 
Okay, so here’s the thing. That was more than ½ my lifetime ago and I have learned all about myself and life since then. And no, I am not making excuses, I am just keeping it real.   I was going to talk about people and then decided that my kids need to know who I was, what I struggled with and wish I would said to myself…
1. Dressing in clothes that are one size too big is just not cool. I know you’re insecure because you have this muscular figure that isn’t seen as attractive but, own it, accept it and embrace it instead of wearing that big baggie green Abercrombie sweatshirt and thinking it looks cute.
2. Boys at 16 are just boys. You loved him sure and there were a lot of moments that you will remember with him but remember there is life after him and he really isn’t worth the tears and the sadness you gave him.
3. Your mama is pretty amazing.  She will continue to be your best friend. Not just when you want new clothes or someone to lay in the sun with. She will be there when you heart is broken, your life seems to be going nowhere, when you meet the man of your dreams and you become a mama yourself. Remember this when you are mad because she says she can’t go to that house on Saturday night.
4. Embrace going to St. Louis to see your grandparents. Yes, the drive sucks, it is boring at times, but there are so many stories, such little time with them and all they want is to be a part of your life. You aren’t cooler than them and some day you will wish you were closer than you are and that you knew even more about them. 
5. Don’t be afraid to be friends with her, or go out on a date with him, or take that hard smart kids class. Seriously, who cares if that doesn’t make you popular?  The reality is that that word is relative and really doesn’t matter when you get older.
6. Stop smoking now. I know you thought it was cool because other people did it but it isn’t and you will wonder when you get older what permanent damage you have done.
7. Don’t drive that night in a couple of years that you shouldn’t have. Don’t do it. You got so lucky that you didn’t get in more trouble than you did. 

8. For god’s sake, take care of your feet. I know you love being a guard at the pool and wearing flip flops but the damage you do will never go away and you will forever being disgusted by your feet. 

9. Do something. Be change maker. Start a club. Find a new friend. Explore a hobby. Yes, athletics is your passion, but find another one. There is so much in life you should try and do it now while you are young, carefree and able to do anything.
10. Every night when you go to bed, ask yourself, “Was I my best self today? Do I like who I am?” If the answer is no to either of these, change it. Stop now. Be better.