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I have been trying to challenge myself a bit with writing and found a link up that forces me to still give you tidbits about our life but also makes me reflect more on what is really going on in our world.

Loving~ decorating our new house and reading HGTV magazine.  This magazine has officially become my favorite subscription each month.   I find myself wanting to try everything and become a DIY. We have lived in our house for six months and for some reason the itch to really start decorating and making some decisions kicked in last month.  New light fixtures, new windows, changing out door knobs and new plans for our mudroom and living room are getting me excited and ready to tackle it all. My goal is to have our main floor mostly decorated and the landscaping done by the end of the summer. Then the next year we will focus on the upstairs and outdoor patio.  My dad is a big part of this. And this fixture below is just one of three new light fixtures going in our house.  We also picked out two more from Lightopia. This one and another one. 

Dreaming~ I have been dreaming lately of warmer weather.  The feeling of sand between my toes, my feet slipping on flip flops easily, lazy afternoons in the warm sunshine, and cool breezes at night that require a long sleeve t-shirt.  I am craving having the windows open and the breeze that comes thru them.  I am dreaming of waking up with my kids whose sun-kissed cheeks signal that they have gotten to be young and worry about little.  This is that time of the year that I start counting down to spring break and the week away from our daily lives that I so badly need.  

pretty right? but I need some warm weather…
Admiring~ anyone who has the courage to be really bold with fashion. I see all of these cute things in stores like Ann Taylor Loft, Anthropologie, JCrew and Nordstroms and think then when I try it on I just feel plain silly. I used to think I was really fashionable and still think I am classic in what I wear but some days I just wish I was the girl who could pull off the neon skinny denim with a brocade jacket like the girl on the cover does.

Kissing~ my husband and kids…even more than usual this week. With Brady at the daycare in my high school, I sneak in there a couple of times a week during the day just to give him a couple of extra kisses before nap time or after lunch.  Cate is still pretty stingy with her kisses but I will sneak a couple in with her too! And Glenn well he gets some too!
Gifting~ Currently, I am gifting myself a pass on the need to be perfect. Brady’s valentine cards for his class were not handmade, we ate sushi one night and I skipped working on Thursday because I think I am starting to finally understand that being imperfect is actually better than being totally perfect. In the quest to be perfect, I lose perspective, time I could have spent with the people I love and I become resentful. So, maybe this week I didn’t get 4 workouts in…. next week I will try to fit them in.  But that pass is just what I needed after some wild weeks in our house. 

Have a happy weekend! We are headed to the Blackhawks game tonight, Glenn is headed out of town tomorrow with friends and my parents are coming up to do some house stuff with me!