Why I Write- A Challenge for Me

I was perusing pinterest the other day… aimlessly looking at my feed.  Usually when I am overwhelmed at work, I avoid the stress and head to pinterest to clear my head.   Some days I get on a kick about a particular topic or idea but usually I just pin stuff that I want to know more about or remember. I saw this pin. And ever since then I have been thinking about it. Why I write.  Even though I haven’t written with frequency lately. 
This space started as a way of keeping family mostly in the loop about my first pregnancy. I thought it would be a neat way to share updates, pictures and information with anyone who wanted it, specifically my parents because they are a couple of hours away. 

But, now it is more.  So much more.  This space is capturing my memories. My stories.  Our life. Those small moments like I talked about last week that happen so fast and are such a small part of any one day but they are the things I want to remember. I want to remember the tiny moments that seem so inconsequential to most but mean so much to me. I want to remember how Cate takes Brady his milk when we get home every day and how much fun Brady has being superman at night with his towel on his head after the bath. 

But I also want this space to be a place where my kids get to know me and who I am. What defines me. What drives me and why.  So, I am committing today, really I am, to answering these thirty prompts on Monday of each week. A little bit about me. So one day, if they ever want to know more or need to know more, it will be somewhere.   

Want to join me?