Florida 2013

We are home. Home after being at the beach for seven sun filled, park playing, pool swimming days that left me tired but feeling full. Vacation definitely looks different when you have a 3.5 and 1.5 year old but it is still a break from the monotony of the school year as we start the final push to June. There is something about leaving on spring break that makes my outlook sunnier and I come back ready to end the school year on a high note.

I could write about the flight home and how it soured seven great days but I will say nothing other than I  have never been more happy to get off a plane than I was on March 30ththank you very much Cate.

What is it about not wearing shoes, watching more cartoons in the morning than you should and letting cheeks being sun kissed that makes my kids smile and my mama’s heart just grateful?

Florida was full of sunshine and even too cool breezes.  I am not complaining because the sun is good for my soul at any temperature.  But the wind and lows at night were something new that we have never experienced.  We made it to the beach, played in the pool and spent many nights walking to St. Armand’s to eat ice cream. 

I had a renewed appreciation for my parents as grandparents.  My dad loved to have fun in the pool and play on the beach but he also did the unglamorous things like change diapers, give baths and calm crying kids.  My mom thinking one step ahead at meal time and willing to wrap kids in towels every single time they got out of the pool which was a lot.

We did familiar things like eat at The BeachHouse Restaurant and the Salty Dog. We explored the Mote Aquarium which was crowded, expensive but totally worth it.  We found parks that had sand on the ground and trails to walk. 

I look back to the post I wrote when we went to Florida two years ago amazed how much things have changed.

We did Florida again. We did it right and we will continue to do it again.