It’s Friday…

My fingers start to type and quickly I hit delete. I try to form a coherent thought on the screen but find myself closing my laptop or hitting delete. I stare at the nothingness on my screen. Blank screen means my thoughts are scattered, complicated and more than likely not appropriate for a place that I was reminded in school this week is permanent otherwise known as the internet. In case you are wondering my Business Law kids are watching “The Social Network” as we learn about intellectual property law. 

So, instead I will give you some tidbits and then maybe next week I will be back to blogging and ready to share all the thoughts swimming in my head.

And plus also, I was going to share some pics of the kids from last weekend outside but in true fashion of this week, my memory card is in my camera right now so all I have are IG pics. 
~ I started reading “Lean In”. Like I ordered a physical book that has real pages and is not just on my iPad.  That is refreshing. I like seeing it on my nightstand. I like flipping pages and being able to go back easily and read things again. I will reserve my comments about the book for a later post.

~ Cate started at daycare this week with Brady. There is nothing harder to look at than pictures of her all day carrying her coat and her teachers reporting that she keeps asking “go bye bye peas” “mama bye bye now?” My mama guilt on this one is heavy.

~ I have recently spent a lot of time questioning what I believe in as a teacher/coach. I am in a situation I never thought I would be one. One that will result in me giving up something I love to take a stand for something I truly believe in. Change is hard. And this one will sting.

~ We are having a tree taken out this weekend. We have been testing fate with this dead tree and it is time. The $1350 price tag stings. Really it does. But I have a feeling it may entertain our kids for hours.

~ This weekend looks perfect and I truly believe nice weather makes everything better. We have a toy sanitizing party for our neighbors that lost everything in the flood, dinner with a friend, a visit from my parents and lots of family time. Hoping this will get my mind clear.

~ I can’t stop listening to the Cruise Remix by Flordia Georiga Line and Nelly. It makes me smile.

How was your week friends?