5 Things Update

Happy Friday friends! Dang, this week just flew by. Two weeks ago I posted about my List of Five Things- for me, my kids and my house.  It’s two-week later and I have accomplished some things…Let’s see how I did shall we?

5 Things for the Kids

  • Go to the zoo Brookfield or Lincoln Park– headed to the Brookfield Zoo tomorrow! That counts right? 
  • Go the beach  We have been twice actually to the Glencoe Beach! It has been hot and that has helped but we had such a good time both times we went!
  • Go to Ravinia Kids Music Festival or the Wednesday night Concert in the Park series– We went this past Wednesday the weather was amazing and we had fun but had to leave a little earlier than we hoped because our kids were kind of naughty! 
  • Ride the train and have lunch with daddy
  • Go to a water park

5 Things for the Home

  • Finish the wall art in the living room above the couch
  • Buy an accent piece for the entry way   It’s cute and from an antique market in my hometown. Totally my style which I need to show you more of soon promise!
  • Mark out and decide on dining room table we know what size we need now it is just a matter of going to have it custom-made.
  • Re-finish vintage buffet for dining room (Bradyism “Can I get a little help here?”)- halfway done. It is up to me to get it 100% done. More on this soon!
  • Get kitchen office area organized

5 Things for Me

  •  Get new running shoes
  •  Get a massage
  •  Buy a pair of black pants
  •  Take a huge bike ride in the Forest Preserve or one the lakefront
  •  Spend an afternoon at the pool alone with a book.

I will add that the past two weeks we went to Navy Pier and their Children’s Museum for a day and we took Brady to Legoland so we did a lot of really fun stuff that wasn’t even on my list.  On top of that the air conditioner for our upstairs zone went out on last Wednesday and the landscaping in our front yard just got completed. Not too shabby right? How were the past two weeks friends? Happy Weekend!