Slowing Down in June

For nine, almost ten months of the year it is go go go. And we go. And we do. And we survive. And we even manage to have some fun. And our kids for the most part are cooperative and agreeable to the grind that comes with two working parents.

Then the middle of June comes around and BAM we come to screeching halt. Every spring I build up in my head how amazing the summer will be and then when it gets here, my expectations are so high, I fail within the first week.  I don’t handle change well and this is a big one- for all of us. Same thing this summer- beginning of last week sucked. It was plain bad. There were tears from everyone the first Tuesday I was off except from Glenn. Go figure.

So, I hit the reset button. I went home to my parents’ house for a few days and I came back ready to be a mama who is home this summer with her kids. I adjusted my expectations for just about everything.  That includes how nice I look, to how many things I will check off of my to-do list daily to how often we are actually on time somewhere.  And I promised myself that every single morning I will go get a cup a coffee to do something to start the morning off right for me.


And these past two weeks were good. I was calmer, my voice didn’t raise as frequently and I found myself content to not have my phone next to me and to just enjoy my kids. We did the park, the splash park, lunch dates, the pool and we played a lot. And in between that, we organized some things in the house, moved some toys around, I got a couple of good runs in and I actually felt like I got some “me” time during nap time.


And now July is here and I am already feeling like school is just around the corner. So, I am promising myself I will say yes more, go on adventures and soak up every moment I get.

PS- How the heck is it already July?