Room by Room Series {An Introduction}

Room By Room Series {Introduction}

Welcome to our house that we are trying to make a home. We bought this brick colonial home in the suburbs last August (2012).  It is on the “North Shore” where homes are old and rehabbed and historic and the price tag is high and the taxes are even higher.  Our house is on a one block street that dead ends at a cul-de-sac which starts at our house.  We are traditional in nature and the front of the home embodies our family.  We loved the feel of the house, the space and the possibilities to raise our family within the walls of this home.  We also knew that since it had an addition put on it approximately ten years ago and it was built in the 1940’s that it would also need a lot of TLC and a little bit of major work.  Nothing we can’t handle after our last house.

This is the outside of our house when we bought it per the listing.

Indian Outside

You can see that we needed to do a lot of things.  We had trees to remove and major landscaping that needed to be done.   There was lots of ground cover, dead plants, overgrown bushes.  We  had no clue what we had because it had not been cared for in a long time.  And that was just in the front yard.  Not to mention the need for new windows is obvious.  (or maybe you can’t see that). Most of them didn’ t open and were the original to the house.

Here it is now.


You can see the large tree on the right was removed. We also removed quite a few rose bushes that you can’t see.  We moved a large bush and also relocated lots of day lillies.  Everything was cleaned up. The ground cover was removed.  Mulch was laid, new flowers were planted.  So much better right? Clean and simple which screams our style.

On the inside the list is overwhelmingly long. But, since this house is going to be our home for a while, forever if you ask my husband, I want to do it tastefully, carefully and right the first time.  No cheap way out on anything.  I realized that this is going to be a huge task, a long drawn out task and it is going to take some patience because rooms are unfinished, the lists are long and decisions take time.

I have been perusing pinterest and reading every decorating catalog that comes in the mail. And, I have drug my feet long enough. It is time to get this house decorated.  So, join me as I take you room by room and you see the transformation that take place.