Monday Memo

Happy Monday Friends! After last week being relatively easy with two days off of school, this week is going to hurt a bit. On the upside, my parents are coming up on Wednesday and spending the night before they head to the PGA tournament in Lake Forest so that will help get us through a five day week.  Let’s get this memo started shall we?

  • I am starting to panic about Halloween already. Our neighborhood goes all out for every holiday but Halloween was a shock to us! People do creative, amazing and full blown decorating for Halloween. And we did nothing last year. So, we started to strategize and got a plan this weekend.  It is not going to be be fabulous but it is a start.  Now to execute…


  • Let’s talk about the weather. Middle of September and it is going to be in the mid 90’s.  Really? Where was this weather in July? So annoying.  The upside is that I can still wear some cute summer transition to fall stuff that I haven’t worn yet for my #ootd series.

weather week

  • Have any of you followed the 40 Days of Dating blog? I caught it on twitter one day, starting reading over the summer and have been hooked ever since. Except it stopped.  Supposedly because they signed with an agent and have some kind of movie deal in works. Boo. I was so disappointed. Then, I go and check today and blamo it is up… all 40 days and it’s over. And I’m sad.  Please if you are going to read it, start from day 1.  That means you need to start at the bottom of the screen. So interesting. And apparently there is more coming.  I am hoping the ending is not cliché.


  • Working out at 5am week 3.  And guess what? I actually love it. I go to bed a bit earlier but I find that I am more productive and less sluggish when I work out in the morning. I am also less antsy in the afternoon since I know my workout is done for the day.

Enjoy your week!