OOTD {Week 3}

Happy Friday Friends! If you haven’t figured out by how late this post went out this week kicked my butt. I’m not even sure why because it was a relatively quiet week, a normal week in our house, per se with the exception of my parents visiting. So, I promise to be back next week with some new posts and hopefully they won’t be late.  Next week is jammed with work commitments for both us so I need to get my sh*t together this weekend if I have any hope of surviving the week.

The weather this week went from 90 to 60 in the span of five days. I wore lots of dresses and tanks because I think that the warm weather is coming to an end.  Maybe another week but I want to make sure I get some of these cute things in before we have snow.  Kidding.   Good ole Chicago never seems to ease in to a season.   Happy Weekend! Bear Down Chicago!