OOTD {Week 5}

I am sure you are as tired of my excuses as I am of giving them for why I haven’t posted since Monday. Well, I will just join one of my favorite link ups today with the hope that it counts for something. And yes, I have pictures from the week. Everyone loved my green dress Thursday. Guess what? It’s from Target like three years ago and all I did was add a belt from Loft and it was hit!



Changing all of our clothes, decorations and flowers to fall stuff. It’s coming slowly but surely here in Chicago and I think this is the most pleasant transition in to fall we have had in a really long time! The low 70’s every day, sunshine, cool breezes at night make me ready almost anxious for fall.  Crazy but I am dying to wear a sweater and jeans but feel like I should be happy I am still wearing some late summer stuff so I will patiently wait.

Remembering that I am only one person. This week is one of those weeks where I just  can’t shake the feeling that I am not doing everything well enough.  School for some reason has me totally overwhelmed and between meeting with contractors, trying to work out and have some me time and do all the other things working parents do I just feel like I am coming up short

Needing to really do some thinking about our home specifically our kitchen and make some decisions. I still owe you a home tour but our kitchen is a source of issues right now and I just need to do some sketching, some dreaming and some reality thinking over the next few weeks. If this is my forever home (i.e. the house we live in until our kids graduate high school) then I really want it to be a space and a place that I love and enjoy.  So, a kitchen renovation and outdoor patio space need to happen. We are working on it but so far I am disappointed.

Cleaning nothing. I admit it. We don’t clean. We clean up.  But the $95 that we spend bi-weekly to have our house cleaned from top to bottom is on the top of my things a working mom should have!

Feeling energized about teaching this year. This is the first year since I have had kids that I have really enjoyed teaching. Perfecting my craft. Thinking, reflecting, planning, and creating all words I would use to describe my work this year. The classroom is my home, my safe space and I just so excited about the school year. It probably helps that I really like my kids this year and only have one prep!

Happy Friday Friends!