OOTD {Week 10} and Lately

Bad week in terms of posting for me. I was still pretty good about documenting what I wore on Instagram(do you follow me @kristi_fischer but I am trying to get ahead of life here. The next few weeks are going to nuts for us.


Thinking about Christmas. I am ready to do all things Christmas related. I actually think I would like to start shopping early while still respecting the bird. Brady and Cate are at really good ages and I want to take advantage and do all the things Christmas and there is only so much time between Thanksgiving and Christmas and enjoy it all. My mom does this really cute girls Christmas brunch thing and I am thinking about doing something similar except with a favorite things theme. Everyone brings something under $5 or $10 that is their favorite thing to share with everyone else. What do you think? Will you come?

DrinkingĀ  red wine lately. If you know me IRL, you know my choice is beer or sweet white wine. But in Virginia, I had a great Malbec with my SIL and now I have been drinking it whenever we go out to dinner. Last weekend we actually got a bottle of red and it was delicious.

Planning for the next two weeks of my life. I may not be around this space for a while. Next week, I am off to California with Glenn for some work stuff. And the following week, I am headed to Bloomington for a conference that a colleague and I are presenting at. With these two things happening back to back weeks and parent teacher conferences the next week I am planning all the things. Lesson plans, sub plans, lists for my parents and other people helping us and packing lists. I am sure something will fall thru the cracks but I am hoping if I try we will all survive.

MakingĀ an effort to yes more to my kids and to find ways to make my husband’s life easier. I feel like when I do nice things for him and him for me, we all are happier, get along better and have more fun. I took the garbage out last night and it is something so small and simple but makes his night easier. My kids just want us to play. Brady is obsessed with this map of the United States puzzle and both Glenn and I are saying yes more when he wants to do it. These little things go a long way right?

LearningĀ that sometimes it is okay to not do what everyone else is doing. So often I worry that we are going to be left out if we say no or feel like we will be replaced if we don’t do something but I am learning to be okay with that. We stayed local last night for Halloween and our neighbors had an impromptu gathering full of butternut squash soup, salad, pizza, wine and beer and it was perfect. And easy. And I am learning to contentment is easy when you don’t compare yourself to others. (Deep thoughts for a Friday, I know!)

halloweenHope you had a Happy Halloween! We are doing nothing tonight but tomorrow hopefully I am meeting one of my besties new snuggly newborn and having dinner with friends. I can’t wait. Sunday is going to be cruel…time change and small kids just don’t mix! Happy weekend friends!