Christmas Wish List

Every year I make an attempt to give not so subtle hints to my better half about what I want for Christmas.  And every single year, I think he does pretty well on his own but I love to give him some ideas in the right direction.  And while I am sure he has his shopping done, maybe this will inspire someone when you think about what you want for Christmas.

For the “wannabe” photographer in me…

Beth Fletcher Photography Workshops– Okay, I have been dying to take one of these but as a working mom, taking a weekend day out to do this seems absurd.  But maybe, just maybe this would push me to do it.  I wrote about my camera frustrations and think this might be just what I need to get a kick start in 2014. Maybe at least I could pull it off in the summer.

Tripod– This seems silly and I don’t even care if it is a nice one or not, I just want a tripod.  For picture taking when I need a steady hand which I don’t have when I am struggling to keep it in focus and not shake.

For the fitness enthusiast in me…

The Wunder Under pants from Lululemon seem perfect for those cold mornings when I go to the gym at five. Full length with lots of coverage also means no shaving.  I wear the crops weekly for either yoga or just a trip to the gym and I have to believe I would love the full length ones.



And since I lost my Lululemon (read: expensive) yoga mat and cover (where the hell is it is what I keep asking) it would probably be worth it and awesome if someone would replace it.

And a 10 pack for yoga passes for Core Power Studio would be awesome for when I want to change it up a bit! Hello Yoga Sculpt!

And I love these sports bras and could use some new ones since my current ones I have owned since pre-kid times.

For the practical person in me…

Our house, like most houses is really dry in the winter and our upstairs furnace does not have a humidifier.  This one was given to us for our kids and I would love to have the same one in our bedroom.

I have been using the same cutting board for months actually years. Wouldn’t these be cute? The bright colors would be a nice pop to neutral room in our house!

Okay, in all honesty, I would love any or all of these under my tree but I don’t NEED any of these things.  As much as I love presents, Christmas has a whole new meaning when you have kids and that’s what it is about now.