Monday Memo {December}

Stopping in to say hello on the Monday before Christmas.  We are leaving for my parents today after a couple of quick errands and I think you deserve a few quick updates don’t you?


  • Brady’s bout with pneumonia seemed to spread to all of us. I am on a Zpack, actually my second since the first is in our garbage somewhere, for a nasty respiratory/sinus issue.I tried to fight it but I gave in yesterday.  Good news, is that I am feeling better. Bad news, my stomach is unhappy with the antibiotics. Worse,  Cate was not spared either. She has been saying for 5 days that the same ear hurts and we just weren’t convinced she knew what she was saying. We took her in to the pediatrician on Saturday morning and low and behold she has an ear infection in the ear she’s been complaining about.  Mom fail. Meds for everyone.
  • Long story but it ends with us having to buy a new car for business/tax reasons. So, we are obviously selling a car too. If anyone is interested, we are selling a 2004 Acura TL.  It’s in great shape and has low miles.  I can give you details. Send me an email or leave a comment and we can talk.
  • Every holiday has been amazing with a 4 year old and 2 year old but Christmas is just so special. And magical.  Every night we talk about Santa and search for Christmas movies and rehash what is on the list.  But, it’s the little things. The pulling of paper chain links to countdown to Santa, to looking at lights on our drive home from school every day , to making cookies on a random Sunday morning.  I am actually sad to see it all end.
  • Two weeks off and my brain is swirling with to do lists, exercise regimens, organizing, purging and gatherings.
  • We had a Holiday Happy Hour on Friday night and I think it might become an annual tradition. A blend of our friends from school and daycare as well as neighbors led to more kids than adults. We drank, laughed and kicked of Winter Break with a great night.

Happy Monday Folks!