I can’t remember the last time we had a white Christmas.  Yet, this December we are not lacking when it comes to the white stuff.  And we will have a White Christmas.  Really, snow is so beautiful.  Except maybe when it needs to be shoveled or it causes kids to fall face first and cry.  (What? This never happened to your kid walking out of daycare? Just mine. Carry on.)  On Saturday, we woke to the most beautiful untouched blanket of fluffy white snow that I have ever seen.  The snow was coming down fast and furious all morning and the world seemed so still and so quiet.

We spent the morning at a cookie decorating party with so many friends who are more like family now.  (More on that later.)  And when we left, we realized the temperature was actually enjoyable.  Well, maybe not enjoyable but manageable for us here in the Midwest.  So, after naps, we layered everyone up and went outside to play in snow.  For a long time.  I  did not last long.  But the three below had a ball. Throwing snow balls, tackling one another and building Mistletoe Mountain (a Mickey Mouse reference for those of you that don’t know that one).


I stood in the window frame watching my gorgeous kids and husband laugh and smile and play and I snapped away.  I couldn’t help but pause and remind myself that this is what life is about.  This is what makes the bedtime battles, the constant chatter when all you want is silence and the constant requests worth it.  Kids being kids.  No cares in the world.  Enjoying something as simple as snow with their dad.  I know I could have stayed out there but honestly, I wanted to be a spectator. I wanted to watch three people I love so uncontrollably play in the snow together.  I wanted to watch my life and reflect on how true blessed I am.  I watched two kids smile bigger than life.  I watched Cate fall 100 times and pick herself up every single time.  I watched Brady make snow angels and saw him run to avoid the snowballs being launched in his direction.