The Word about Weight

As I previously stated in my 14 things for 2014, getting healthy is a big resolution for me.  It’s not that I am unhealthy or ridiculously overweight; it’s just that I need a little motivation to really change my eating habits for good and lose those last few pounds that I have carried since having two kids.  Some weight.  Not a lot. I am not fat and that’s not even a word I want to talk about ever with my kids.  It’s about being healthy, feeling good when I wake up and taking care of myself.  When I was thinking about my starting weight and how much I wanted to lose, I knew I needed an incentive because the number on the scale isn’t going to move a whole lot.  So, it kept hitting me that if I hit certain goals I needed to reward myself.  And I like to spend money.  So, I decided to set realistic goals,  put some thought in to some of the rewards, and get to it.  I came up with a list of things I wanted- didn’t necessarily need but would like to have even though I failed to ask for most of them for Christmas.

My first goal is 5 lbs.  Totally doable just means I have to lose what I probably gained this holiday season.  I am close, like less than a pound away which is close and  I am rewarding myself with a Fitbit Force.

I want to be able to track everything since details mean a lot to me.  There’s an app for my iPhone, it syncs with My Fitness Pal and rumor is that pretty soon caller id from your iPhone will work on it. While it might make me obsessive if I see I haven’t walked enough or been active enough, I also think it will motivate me to move. {Update: As of Sunday, no store on the entire planet has a Fit Bit Force. Is this a sign to eat crappy food again? What the heck? Of course there is no more of these.}

My second goal is to get to my pre-pregnancy weight with Cate.  I think to get here would be huge for me.  So, if I get to this point, I have a big reward for myself.  First, I want this new gym bag.

I love the look of the bag and I think my outdated Nike bag could use a replacement.  The practical perk of this bag is that my yoga mat could attach to it when that is what I am doing and it’s big enough to take my shower stuff with me.  But that’s not all, I also allowing myself to get these shorts from Lululemon.

and I am buying this top.

Yep, you read it right. I believe in extrinsic rewards and these are two big ones for me.  If you can’t tell, this is the biggest one for me.

My third and final goal is to get to my pre-pregnancy weight with Brady. When, I get there it is time I buy myself a new swimsuit.  A nice one. Not one from Target that covers more than it shows.  A one-piece that makes me feel good and is updated. Maybe one like this? Or this?

After I reach these three goals, yes I am confident I can do it, I will re-evaluate.  Like I said, I don’t want to be pencil thin- I never have been.  And no, I don’t want to keep losing to lose. I just want to feel good in my clothes, be toned and proud in my body. I want my kids to have a great role model and be the active, healthy mom they deserve.

So, what would you reward yourself with? Am I forgetting something?