A Day in the Life

I always find other people’s daily lives intriguing.  On Clickin Moms they feature a photographer every week on their blog who documents a day.  I love seeing little glimpses in to other’s day.  I can’t fathom picking up my DSLR camera to document a day because I am still struggling to use it.  So, I used my iPhone.  But I can tell you that for me no day is the same and it is pretty jammed packed being a working mom with two small kids. So, here is a glimpse in to our/my daily life (if you’re interested)…

6:00ish- Usually the pitter patter of Brady’s feet wakes us up and he comes in to our bed.  We snuggle for a few minutes then I get up and hop in the shower.  Brady usually watches TV and Cate wakes up closer to 6:30 and joins him in our bed demanding the iPad.   Glenn starts to get them both dressed and takes them downstairs for a breakfast snack and some juice.  He makes me a cup of coffee while I finish getting ready.  (Did you read my breakup story?)

7:00- We are off to daycare/school and Glenn starts to get himself ready for work.  My first stop is the daycare at my high school. It’s on our freshmen campus and is a Bright Horizons.  I don’t teach on this campus but it’s still convenient.  It’s about a mile from our house.  And three miles from the other campus where I work.  Cate usually gets dropped off first in her room and then Brady.  Before Brady starts his day, he has to answer the question of the day and sign in.  Let’s process what this is like every morning for the parent when you are trying to get to work.  Hell. It’s a battle with the clock and with a 4 year old.


7:40- In to school with my bags and ready to start the morning which means I am catching up on email, voicemail and talking to parents, students and teachers.  This usually when my secretary and I talk about my day and what’s on the horizon.  She is the only reason I survive at work fyi and is my work mom.

8:15-8:40- Advisory with my 23 girls.  Hands down the best part of day.

8:40-9:25- I usually spend this time putting the finishing touches on my classes for the day (running copies, uploading documents to our learning management system and grading) and eating something for breakfast. I usually do oatmeal (the instant kind) or a zone bar.

9:30-10:10- TEACH

10:15- I head back to the freshmen campus for a meeting that occurs weekly. The going back and forth takes a lot of time out of my day especially since I am a department chair who also teaches.  Some days I call my mom or Glenn and other days I just drive in the silence.


12:05- Meeting over and headed back to the campus I work/teach on.  And I am hungry and looking for lunch.  I try to bring my lunch and I rotate from salads, sandwiches and Lean Cuisine meals.  I usually bring some kind of chips and cheese as well as some fruit to add to it.  We have a subsidized staff dining room but it is still expensive. I’m sure most teachers in most districts would be amazed at the offerings but I am all about sitting at my desk and bringing mine from home.

1:15- TEACH

2:00- Class is over and this where I attempt to get some grading, lesson planning, observation write-ups or other administrative thing done.  Some days I have to observe teachers but at least half of the week I have this time free.  I have a love/hate with this part of the day because it is not when I am most productive but it is always when I can usually get something done.


3:23- I try to sneak out of school two minutes before the bell rings and head to the other campus again. This time it is to get a quick workout in before I pick up my kids.  The workout facility on campus is great and I usually run out in the forest preserve when it’s nice out.  This happens maybe three times a week because after school equals meetings for department chairs like me.


4:30- Daycare pick-up.  Glenn and I have a pact that unless it’s completely unavoidable we always have the kids picked up by 4:30.  By one of us.  Usually me because of proximity.  It’s important to us and it kills me when my kids are the last ones there which has happened more than I care to admit.

5:00- Home.  Both kids are usually begging for juice and a snack depending on what was for lunch and whining.  I try to get them settled and then get going on dinner.

5:30- We try to eat around 5:30 if we are all home.  I try to menu plan but sitting around the table together is pretty important to me even if I am not eating and heading back to work.

6:00- Bath time every single night. Our kids thrive on routine so they get a bath every night and I also would like to think it is a germ killer too!

6:45- Milk, books and a little TV time.  Usually Cate plays on my iPad and Brady on Glenn’s.  Sometimes they watch tv but usually it is Toca Boca, Angry Birds or Puzzles for them.

7:15- Cate goes to bed after some singing and rocking.

7:30- Brady gets some time with us alone. It usually involves playing a game- Old Maid, Sequence, Zingo and Candyland are crowd favorites currently.

8:00ish- Bedtime for Brady. 2 books and in bed and then lights out. We typically have to sit on a chair in our master down the hall until he falls asleep which can be instantaneous or take an hour.  The whole 4 year old and nap thing makes me all kinds of angry.

9:00- Me Time. Him Time. Us time. If you call it that because we are usually exhausted and ready for bed by 9:30 or so.  I usually am grading on my iPad most nights or cleaning up email. Some nights I surf Houzz for our kitchen remodel.  Some nights I do nothing but play Quiz Up.