What’ Your App?

So, last week one of best friends emailed me asking me if I knew that our favorite printing picture site, that our photographer Heidi Peters recommends, MPix just came out with an app for the android.  I quickly replied saying, yes that there already is an iPhone app which she didn’t know.  So, it got me thinking… we all probably have different or our favorite apps.  But, I’m guessing my favorite or one I use the most may be one that is not even on someone else’s radar.  So, here I am to ask – what’s your favorite app? Let’s eliminate iMessage and email because we all know that we use those the most.  And I’m guessing it wouldn’t be most people’s FAVORITE app just necessary right?

I’ll tell you mine. (In no particular order)

Instagram- I love the pictures, the filters, the community and the microblog world that exists on this tiny piece of the internet.  Also, I love the connection it has with so many other sites for prints etc…

MyFitnessPal- Such an easy website to look up calorie counts or see where my fitness progress is or was at.  I don’t use it consistently, but I honestly really love it.

Chase- How can you not love the option to pay your bills from anywhere or to pay a friend thru the Quick Pay option.

Feedly- My go to reading space. I have every blog I read categorized on this app and it is user friendly which is huge for me.

Honorable Mention- Facebook, Pinterest, Waterlogue, Cartwheel and Rhonna…

How about you? What are your favorites?