Workouts that Work

I have been really motivated to work out even though the scale isn’t moving much lately. But the good news is that I feel better, sleep sounder, and make better food choices when I exercise so that is enough for me for now.  I have realized that having a buddy (Hi Tork!) makes me accountable and when we don’t sweat enough we keep going until we do.  With that being said, I found a blog that I read consistently for workout inspiration.

The blog is PBFingers.  She is a trainer and something out her workouts just work for me.

Yesterday, I did her 25 minute treadmill workout which she adapted from another blog and I adapted because I needed it to be 20 minutes.  Here is hers and the original and here is what I did.

Time  Speed  Incline
0-5  min 6.5 1
5-6 3.5 5
6-7 6.5 5
7-8 3.5 6
8-9 6.3 6
9-10 3.5 7
10-11 6.1 7
11-12 3.5 8
12-13 5.9 8
13-14 3.5 9
14-15 5.7 9
15-16 3.5 10
16-17 5.5 10
17-18 3.5 15
18-20 3.5 8


For starters, I was super sweaty.  The continuous change in the incline and speed made the time just fly by.  I was sweating just in the 5 minute warm up if it’s even considered that.  After the workout, my legs were shaking and I felt like I had a great quick cardio workout.  Not to mention I burned a ton of calories.

So, there you have it. 20 minutes of cardio that works! Enjoy.

Got any workouts you love?