Five Things on Friday

Hey Friends! If you are still reading, then you are probably well aware of everything that is currently going in on my life but hey- for the few of you that don’ t know I thought I would give you some quick updates on the last Friday of May.

  • Our kitchen is done. I mean the renovation is complete.  We still have a lot of wall art to buy and decorating to do but we know longer have people in our house working and have a fully functional kitchen.  The transformation is amazing and I can’t wait to show you some pictures.
  • On that note, I am currently enrolled in this class and one of the lovely instructors Amy and I had a phone conversation this weekend after I told her my frustrations with being able to focus when I used my 50mm lens.  After some looking at my settings and answering questions we determined that it might not be user error after all. I have the wrong lens. One that is no compatible with my camera body. Who knew?  A new lens is on its way and my old one is for sale.
  • I am turning 35 this weekend and for the first time in a long time I am okay with getting older.  Maybe it’s because I finally have accepted that getting older means understanding I understand who I am more and that with each year I am watching my family grow and stretch making me prouder to have the title of mother regardless of the age I am.
  • Have you seen the summer reading list from Amazon? I am pretty sure I will accomplish this task because I read voraciously in the summer. Also, I started watching Ray Donovan on HBO and love it.  I’m pretty excited Season 2 is starting since I just catching up on the first one.  I’m obsessed with JoJo Moyes and can’t put down “Reconstructing Amelia”.  Not to mention I have quite a few books for school I need dive in to as well
  • Long story short, we had pictures taken in Florida and I was unhappy with them.  Just not up to my standards.  So, like any consumer I vocalized my complaint to her and she gave me a partial refund.  Truth be told, when I showed her the flaws, I think she realized I had done my research and my concerns were valid. We salvaged a couple but I am now desparate to remedy my mom’s Christmas present so I’m on the hunt for a family photographer that is reasonably priced.                                                                     B&CFL


  • FamilyFL

Graduation, sunshine and a weekend after a short week.  Hope you have a great week. Stick around and you just may see some pictures of my kitchen.