Hello Monday {2}

Happy Monday Friends! Hope you had a great Mother’s Day weekend.  The weather was spectacular here which makes a weekend like this even better.

Hello four weeks of school and a week of finals before it is finally summer vacation.  Between the polar vortex and days off this school year feels long and the kids are as ready to be done as I am.  I can see the finish line which is a great motivator.


Hello a kitchen that is almost done.  We are waiting on our island which should be here this week or maybe next but regardless we have running water, a functioning fridge and place to eat.

Hello a week of recovery for a woman I love dearly.  After scary news and an unknown future my heart is lighter this week knowing that the prognosis is good given the circumstance.  Oh cancer you are such an awful part of this world we live in.


Hello to warmer weather and hopefully not having to wear our winter coats any more this year.  We had to wear them last week and that was zero fun. Hoping that is past us.

Hello to seeing my two best girls this weekend. It is so hard to coordinate our schedules but it is so worth it when it happens and I have a feeling it will be a motivator to get this week over.

Hello Monday! Let’s do this.