Family Room- This or That?

I want to show you some progress when it comes to decorating our house. And for the life of me I can’t seem to finish spaces and actually get a room 100% complete. Why? Because it’s those finishing touches that I can’t pull the trigger on to get it finished. So, I’m hoping if you can help me decide then, maybe just maybe we can get a room done. Just one. And then maybe we can work on another one.

Here is our family room. At least the part you need to be concerned about. (I’m standing in the beginning of our kitchen.)


What you can’t see is our old tv stand and tv (dead left) and the fireplace (which is on an angle next to our three windows). 

The fireplace will be whitewashed as soon as we get a quote back and can get it scheduled. The tv is getting a new stand.

So, the end tables are going away. And the lamps are going to the living room.

Here are my thoughts.  Concern yourself with that corner which is the eye sore.

One new end table next to the couch.

This one? via

world market end table










Or that one? via

west elm side table










One new lamp behind the chair.

This one? Via

west elm lamp










Or that one? via

target lam










And this print diptych print from etsy will go behind the chair as well.


etsy chicago art








So, what do you say? Thoughts?