Friday Randoms V.11

In just one more week, we are going to be hours away from sunshine, some quality family time and a break from everyday life. I almost don’t feel like it is real right now even though it is happening. But in true form, any time we are getting a break, things just pile on and it feels like the to do list keeps growing.  I just keep telling myself that once I get back, 9 weeks of school until summer vacation. That’s totally doable. Right?

Around the Internet….

If you are a parent, this article in the NYT is so fantastic and on point about the college admissions world.  As a high school teacher, I just hope that my kids know how much truth is in this article.  Glenn and I found so much common ground when we talked about it.

And on a lighter, note this article is hilarious and so true about Lululemon. For me it’s 1, 2, 14, 18, 19 and mostly 5 and 6.  Every day it’s my lunch bag. No regrets people.

 What We Ate

Due to schedules and life, Glenn has become the primary cook in our house and I have to tell you it’s been really good for us.  He really is a better cook than me and I think he enjoys it more!

Monday- Burgers and Fries (It was 70 and sunny and my husband makes a MEAN burger)

Tuesday- Crockpot Chicken Tacos

Wednesday- Italian Sausages and Scalloped Potatoes

Thursday- Mini Meatloaves and Garlic Parmsean Potatoes

Friday- DATE NIGHT (I think)