Lust and Bust

Well, hello Monday! We are out in the desert soaking up some seriously needed sunshine and family time.  I think the build up to traveling is enough to make me crazy but I have to tell you that I typed this before we left because my laptop is at home- right where it’s supposed to be.

As I’ve gotten older and in all honesty, since I have become a mom, I have found that shopping online is an easy way for me to keep my wardrobe updated with relative ease. I would rather shop in person, but it just doesn’t always happen.


The dress was a bust. I feel like it was way too busy for my small frame and I am honestly tired of chevron. Really tired of it… so as cute as the color combo of mint, red and black and the crossing stripes are it just didn’t work for me. I tried it with wedges and I still couldn’t make it work.  Darn it. Bust.

The top is a lust. I have been looking at this shirt online for two weeks now. It’s not in stores yet. It’s in my shopping bag online.  My worry is the stripe is ivory.  If it’s white, I’m buying it! So cute right?