Brady {Six}


BradyDear B,

Every year when your birthday rolls around I think that this letter will get easier to write and the truth is that every single year, before I type one word, my mind gets fuzzy and my eyes well with tears because I am truly praying for time to slow down.  Not to mention that life with you is so fun, so all consuming and so dang busy that I am two weeks late on publishing this letter.

Where to start….six years ago you rocked our world and taught us what it means to love with our whole hearts and souls.  Six years later, you have still stolen my heart.  There is this piece of me that is forever holding on to you- my first born, my gentle giant and my bubba.  You are still as easy going as you were in the early days.

You are still my snuggle buddy, the one who needs a hug each night after you take a shower and get ready for bed and the one I sleep with when your daddy is gone.  You are the one who still responds with “and back” each night when I say “I love you to the moon”.

For as naturally athletic as you are, we are seeing just how much you love sports.  From soccer, to baseball, to football and basketball, you are almost always found with a ball in you­­­r hand.  You rarely if ever stop moving.  Even bone tired, you will continue to toss a football in our family room (yes, it will need to stop at some point) with your dad.  You are competitive, wanting to win and spirited when you play.  You don’t get why peers don’t try as hard, run as fast or care as much as you do.  You love your football tracker helmets, football stickers, baseball cards and Rush Zone.  You literally eat, sleep and breathe sports.

You are toothless in the front right now, and your grin literally lights up a room.  Your smile can take away any sadness I carry.  You are genuinely kind, sweet and gentle.  For as big as you are, you are still so gently. You are accommodating to others rarely putting yourself before your friends. You let kids tackle you for no reason even though I know you hate it.  You let your sister go first even though it kills you. You are just good…at your core, you are a good kid.

Kindergarten has been a pretty easy transition. From thriving in the classroom to new friends, you have shown us how adaptable you are.  You hate homework, especially the challenge work, but you know what, you do it.   You love riding the bus.  You love field trips that your enrichment class takes.  You love morning care and the chocolate milk and tolerate after care.

Here’s the tough stuff though…you tend to be a magnet Brady socially. Kids like to play with you and you will play with just about anyone.  You aren’t picky and if you have a preference you rarely make it known.  Maybe it’s because you are big and athletic, silly and the oldest.  Being the oldest also means you can be the leader and other kids will follow. That comes with some huge responsibility.  It’s hard to be you.  Just you. And do what you want to do and think you should do.  To make good choices, the right choice even if it’s the unpopular choice.   It’s hard to choose friends that you like, that you want to play with, and that you think are nice and fun to play with.  It’s hard to say no to ones you don’t want to play with because they aren’t nice to you.   I ask you every morning before part ways,  “What’s the hardest thing to do?” and you always respond, “Be nice to everyone”.  Be a good friend.  Be kind. Be accepting.  Don’t intentionally hurt other people’s feelings.  Love others the way you want to be loved.  Most of all though buddy, remember that we love you.  You. For who you are and what you love. Be Brady.  And I promise, you will be happy.

brady2I love you,