Currently {November 2015}


enjoying: the indian summer temperatures we have been blessed with this past week.  70’s in November is just gorgeous and perfect. The color of the leaves and trees, the crisp breeze and warm temperatures make the Chicago winter a faraway thought even though we know it could show up tomorrow. Seriously, this fall has been just awesome and this weekend was the perfect fall weather.  Even this week, we have been lucky to have the sun shining and temperatures totally enjoyable.

dreaming: of having a series of days where I have no schedule and responsibilities.  Seriously, I dream of reading when I want, organizing and purging our house, exericising when the sun is actually up for the day, shopping in stores without feeling rushed and preparing food and actually enjoying it while I do it. Does this exist?

loving: I am still loving Orangetheory.  I am a junkie to the place.  I miss it on the mornings I don’t go and feel like for the first time ever I have found a workout that works for me.  The last of the baby weight is finally gone and I finally have some confidence that I am on the right track. I find myself making better food choices as a result and even drinking more water. But most of all, I actually feel better than I ever have since having kids.

watching: my sweet buddy lose every ounce of baby and become a kid.  He ran off with friends on Halloween, would rather play with neighbors than us when we get home from school and seems so big to me all of a sudden.  He’s emotional, opinionated and funny.  I found him unprompted reading to Cate the other morning and playing a game with her after dinner.  He’s growing up faster than I care to admit and I think this is just the beginning.

reading: anything and everything.  I just finished The Kitchen House and started The Japanese Lover.  At school, I haveThe Warmth of Other Suns” by Isabel Wilkerson.  I have stacks of magazines including Food and Wine and Cooking Light at home that I am itching to read  but for now they are staying put until I get some time to read.

quoting: the past president of Illinois Wesleyan Minor Myers who said, “ Go into the world and do well.  But more importantly, go into the world and do good.”  So true and so simple.  We met the family our senior class will build a home for through Habitat for Humanity and I found my eyes with tears.  Some days, I just feel like I or we don’t do enough for the people that need help.  Some days, I feel so fortunate for what I have realizing how easy it is to take for granted.  This family has adults who are employed, willing to do sweat equity to build their house and are humble enough to ask for help.  So we do and it is some of the best work I do as a teacher and the most gratifying.  My hope is that I teach my own kids about what it means to help others. It’s not Calculus but so important.

thinking: about my sweet girl Cate and what is going on in her brain.  School is not her favorite and I don’t blame her.  Lots of boys and one other girl makes the day hard.  But keeping it together all day, means all the emotion comes out in full force at night. The tears, the screaming and the fear of us leaving paralyze her.  She’s waking at night, scared to go to bed and is really taking a toll on all of us.  We are baffled as to what is really going on.  Is it the chicken or the egg or something different all together? What I know, is that I’m tired of the tears but sadder about her fears and willing to do anything to fix this.

drinking: one to many Moscow Mules on Saturday night.  I hate hard alcohol but I sure love that cocktail.  We were out until 2am and I can’t tell you the last time that happened.  The SoHo House is one of the coolest places I’ve been to and a night with my husband with zero responsibilities was totally worth it.  It was fun to a be a couple not mom and dad for the night.  Marriage can be hard and so easy to put to side in the grind of life, but every time I make it a priority I remember why it’s so important.

listening to: the new Adele song that I just can’t stop singing.  I really truly love her music and something about it just speaks to me.    I play it in my car and hum in my office constantly but it’s beautiful and she is one crazy talented lady.  Also, can we talk about the new Meghan Trainor and John Legend song? How catchy is that one too?