2 Week Check Ups

Big week this week and it is only Wednesday….

Monday mama went to the doctor for her two week post c-section check. Everything looks good and I was given the green light to drive again! Yea! Still no lifting of the car seat, groceries or anything else but at least I am not home bound!

Tuesday, Brady went to the doctor for his check up. He weighed in at 9 lbs. 10 oz.! He regained all of his birth weight and a even picked up a couple more ounces! The doctor thinks that he is perfect and all is well! Mama asked a lot of questions but the appointment was uneventful and we will be back in two more weeks for our one month check up. One month…can you believe it?

Tomorrow is a big day for Brady… his newborn pictures are tomorrow morning!

Grandma Witherow is on her way and will be here until Friday when Grandpa picks her up! YEA!!!!!