Brady Bucket List- Navy Pier

This summer is about Brady. 

Without getting too defensive…yes, I know I have a sweet nine month old named Cate but honestly, the best advice I got from someone when our family expanded was to “meet Brady’s needs first”.  I think we have done that pretty well but I can always do more.  Cate is with a nanny she loves and we have to pay her regardless of how often we use her in the summer.  Not to mention, Cate needs routine and structure and sleep and attention and all of those things are really hard when you have an almost three year old who has boundless energy.  So, I am committed to making good use of time she is well taken care of and I am trying to enjoy Brady and make as many memories as possible.  
I wanted to create a Brady Bucket List for this summer…a way to hold me accountable for getting out and about and exploring the city with him.  Things beside the park, Costco and a daily trip to Starbucks.  Something to list all of the things I want to experience with him.  If you remember last summer, we spent a good portion of it in a big blue cast and me obscenely pregnant,  so this summer he we are ready to do it all. 

My parents came in to town on Wednesday night and Thursday we decided Nave Pier was calling our name. The weather was perfect.  They have a wonderful Children’s Museum which is free if you have a membership to any other Children’s Museum in Illinois.  That was the purpose of going but there was more, so much more.  

He was in awe the entire morning. 

We started walking along the water looking at the boats, the water, the people on the boats and anything else that made noise.  He just kept saying “big boats” and “mama look” and I honestly just kept clicking on my camera.

We kept talking to him about the ferris wheel, confident he would refuse to ride it. But as we approached it, he kept saying “ I want to ride that eeris wheel” and “I want to go high”.  So we stood in line, got our tickets and were the first group placed in Car 1. 

He kept looking around like he didn’t know where to focus. His eyes darting from Lake Michigan, to the skyline, to the boats below. And for one second, he said he wanted to get off and I think we all panicked.  In his defense, we stopped and we were swaying. Even my tummy felt a bit funny. 

But rest assure, he loved it. All of it.  He even asked to ride again. 

We made it to the museum and I can honestly tell you I wasn’t sure what to expect. But it was better than I imagined and huge.  
There was a fire station complete with coats, a truck, hoses  and even a fire truck.  

There was a construction zone complete with a digger, tools and hard hats.  

 There were bowling pins and dominoes.  Have you ever seen a 2.5 year old be so precise before knocking something down? 

There were city buses, cars that needed gas,  new license plates and tires.  

And of course there was a water tables that had him in his own little euphoria.  

He was so busy and had so much fun that as we were walking out I thought he might fall asleep standing up and then when he asked me to carry him and his head was on my shoulder I realized that this is life the way it should be lived.  Doing things, exploring things, enjoying things.  

There were rides on shoulders, snuggles, silliness and most importantly memories made. 

We grabbed lunch in the food court and his eyes were so heavy. His lids blinking with every bite. 

And the way home was a struggle to keep him awake- each of us pulling out our own tricks to keep his eyes open.  Chicago Lake Shore Drive traffic did us no favors thanks to a Cubs game and construction.  

When we got home we were rewarded with a 2.5 hour nap that would have gone longer if I would have let it. 

I remind myself that not everything has to cost money and there are going to be days that we do go to the park and Costco but when I can, I am going to take advantage. I want the memories and pictures to remind me what a special age this is and what a special little boy I have. 

Next up, the beach!