Cate- Four Months

“The time with your second kid will fly by. You won’t remember milestones like you did with your first. You are going to be to busy and before you know it she will be sitting up, eating solids, crawling and walking”.

From the moment I heard this, I vowed to not let it happen. I vowed to take note. I vowed to live in the present. I vowed to remember small things. Inconsequential things. Four months later, I still am.

Like how happy you are in the morning when your sleep sack comes off, we place you on your changing table and daddy gives you kisses as he gets you dressed for the day.

Or how your eyes track your brother as he runs circles around you after we get home from school.

Or the way you contently lay in the bathtub as your brother douses you with water each night not crying or fussing- just letting him do it. He’s in this “I Do” phase and you let him do. I am grateful you are content to be warm in the tub and get some attention even if water is sloshing in your eyes off his rag.

Or the way you melt in to me as we dance and sing while we wait for your last bottle to warm, and the medicine to work.

And the grip you have on my fingers as your drink your night time bottle.

Or the smile you give when someone when they are willing to really work for it.

And the way you stick your tongue out as you suck on your hands. Those hands that are so tiny, so cold and always near your mouth.

And the bubbles you blow all day long.

Like the little hairs that are growing longer right on the top of your head while the back falls out.

Like the tiny rolls that have formed on your thighs and ankles while your legs continue to sprout.

Or the middle of the night cries that wake me letting me know you have woken yourself up or you are hungry.

And the way you roll to your side to sleep with hands by your face.

Or the way you kick your legs, arch your back and will yourself to roll over but just can’t get there yet.

Happy 4 Months Baby Cate!