6 Years Later and 1 Day Late

Dear Glenn,
6 years ago today, I walked down the aisle at my quaint, simple yet beautiful church on a hot, bright sunshine filled day in my hometown and said the words “I Do” to you.  We danced late in to the night, laughed until it hurt with our friends and spent a glorious extended honeymoon in Hawaii. (Let’s not talk about my illness mkay?)

We were young, carefree, excited to be married and start our life together. I don’t think I had a clue what that meant at the time. I think I am starting to now.

6 years later, 3 houses, 2 new cars, 2 kids, a promotion, and a new business is enough activity to probably break some marriages. Not ours. Even in our worst moments, you and I know that this life that we created is ours together.  Let’s be honest. That’s not to say we haven’t had some terse words or silent nights.

But the moment each day when I need you the most you are there.  Sometimes it’s to tell me to put my big girl panties on and be the mom I want to be and I am capable of being. Some days, it is to hug me when I feel like I have failed in my job or worse failed as a mother. Some days it’s just to tell me to loosen up and laugh a little.

If I am honest,  I feel like we are just putting band aids on certain pieces of our life to plug immediate leaks. The terrible twos and the bugs, trees and floods of the suburbs may just get the best of me. And yes, some days I am so exhausted by the two little humans we are responsible for that I feel like I have nothing in my tank to give to you.  Six years later I hope you that
every day I twirl my wedding rings when I am working, thinking or reflecting and I pause for a moment to think about you.  Every run ends with our wedding song as my cool down period.  Every time I stare at our kids, I think about you.

6 years later, I would say “I Do” again. Again and again and again.
I love you.


What Happens When Dad Stays Home

I rarely talk about my handsome husband of four years on this blog, because let’s be honest that there are some things I like to keep to myself and if you know him he is pretty private. He’s actually fiercely private. So, for the most part I honor his wishes and I don’t talk about him. Here is something I will tell you about him that is no secret to anyone that knows him; he works HARD. REALLY HARD. He works a lot of days, he loves what he does, and he is good at it. So, getting him to take a day off is hard work too!

But, Thursday we celebrated four years of marriage and the cards we exchanged were fitting. Mine was sappy, his was hilarious. I insisted on no gifts. So, he SUGGESTED he take Friday off and we spend some time together as a family. That is one of the many reasons I love him. No prodding from me…just him suggesting we do something together.

I wanted to cross something off our “summer bucket list” so the destination: The Shedd Aquarium.

View from Shedd Balcony

Brady AND I have NEVER been so this was big. Did you know teachers get in for free? Score. Brady was free. So, really, we paid for Glenn’s admission and parking.

Looking at all the cool fish

Playing in the submarine (He could of and would of stayed here all day!)
Look at all the buttons!

Scoping out the jellyfish.

I don’t really know what I was expecting but seeing whales, dolphins, jellies all the different fish up close was honestly amazing. I wonder what we should cross off next?