My Home Away from Home

With summer moving quicker than I would like to admit for many reasons, namely a toddler that still has a cast on his leg (it comes off next week) and my ever growing stomach, slowing my down and reminding me that our time as a family of three is getting shorter and shorter, I did what I do each summer last week…I went home to Bloomington-Normal to visit my parents. For some reason when I am down there, I relax. I am sure it has something to do with the fact that school is out leaving the drama and the daily grind in a distant memory as I drive down I-55 South but I check my phone less, my shoulders aren’t as tense and I spend more time soaking up a toddler who I am madly in love with and find myself trying to keep little. So we took a trip back to my first home.

A place…

where the success of your days are measured by how dirty your feet are from the splash park and the yard no not how many minutes it took you to get home.

where the dinners are cheap but so good and don’t need a magazine rating to tell you why you should eat there.

where watering the plants is a daily ritual because the heat and humidity are enough to stifle your energy reminding you that there is such a season as summer.
where toddler time at the parks and recreation pool means the freedom to let your kid roam, explore, splash and play all while an equal amount of parents keep a watchful eye.


where a trip to Dairy Queen is easy and drinking the last drops makes it taste that much better.

where the car can be washed in the driveway, not in an alley or the automatic washer at the gas station and the help is even better.

where eating a Popsicle on the porch only last minutes as the sticky liquid drips down your chin on to your shirtless belly.

where the swings are a plenty and grass is so soft it tickles your feet when you walk.

My HOME is with my boys wherever they are, both of them. Our little house in the big windy city is my home. But Bloomington-Normal is where I am from, my first home. On this trip, I found myself nostalgic. Unplugged from technology, I spent a lot of time worrying less, crafting more, watching as my toddler got to spend hours doing simple things that brought him so much happiness. Spending time with some of the most important people in my life never gets old. The look on Brady’s face after his nap when his daddy arrived will be carved in my memory. I may not get home as often as I would like but I feel like each time it gets a bit sweeter and I am proud to say it’s where I am from. My home away from home.


Over the River and Thru the Woods

To grandmother’s house we go… literally! It has been such a fun week! He still got in his snoozes and got to wear his ducks! 🙂

Brady and I ventured to Bloomington on Tuesday this week and are staying until Sunday. My saint of a dad came to get us and brought us down for the week.

The weather has been awful and I have been dragging Brady all over the place as I try to Christmas shop! It quite a different experience with a wee one in tow. He has been a trooper…look at him in his car seat!

Lots of other things going on:

  • back to work in 3 short weeks (really, has the time gone by that fast?)
  • Glenn quit at Citi and started his own business (so proud of him and so exciting!)
  • Brady will be two months old this week
  • we hired a nanny!