Brady {2.5 Edition}

So, I have sat down to right an update on Brady no less than five times and each time I walk away from my computer feeling defeated. I can’t seem to put in to words how I am feeling right now when I think about him. I can’t seem to articulate the fact that he has a huge part of my heart that I will never get back and I am okay with that for now. Maybe it’s because I see how far he has come and the baby in him is gone. And it might have something to do with the fact that life is getting easier and I know in my heart that our family complete and there is no looking back only what lies ahead. Or maybe it is because he is my oldest and my boy. Regardless, I get emotional about him because I love him with ever fiber of my being.

He is a gentle giant. He is so very big for his age in height. He wears a size 10 shoe which is huge. But, he is gentle. So, very gentle in all the right ways. He oozes empathy, asking Cate if she okay when she cries. He says sorry even when he does not need to. He is inclusive giving us one of anything he is eating and sharing with Cate his food by feeding her himself. Most weekend days he will let us rock with him when he wakes from his nap. He lets Glenn rub his head every night as he winds down before bed. And when I carry him upstairs to go to bed, he finds that place on my shoulder where his head fits perfectly so his breath is felt on my neck and he melts in to me.

Sure, he has his moments. No and why seem to reign supreme in our house right now and there are moments when I look at Glenn bewildered by his behavior only to laugh at him three minutes later. He know what he wants and he usually finds a way to get it. I worry that the days at daycare being one of twelve is what makes him so passive and hope that we are giving him everything he needs. He soothes himself. When he was a baby it was in the form of sucking his upper lip, now he picks his lips. He picks them until they bleed which kills me because I know that he has had a rough day.

Brady and I spend a lot of time together since we commute together, I drop him off and pick him up at daycare and I get him ready in the morning. I can tell you how the morning goes the minute I get him out of bed. He is predictable, stubborn and all boy.

I asked him in the car to do what he loved. His response was, “umm…mama, cars, cheese and milk”. Pretty fitting don’t you think?