Brady {Pictures}

One afternoon earlier this month, it wasn’t freezing. And Brady had all this energy to burn. He wanted to be outside. We were not sold it was the best idea but he wanted to play with sticks, pretend to dig for dinosaurs and turtle chop with the sticks that were in our yard as a result of the latest storm. 

{On a side note, I thank god after every storm that the DEAD (really dead) tree in our yard did not crash in to our house. It will be removed at the first sight of spring.}
So, I decided instead of being annoyed that it was cold, frustrated about him demanding to be outside and Cate inside I would embrace it and use it as an opportunity to use my camera.  No joke, natural light does wonders when using a camera. I found myself quickly getting to settings that were acceptable. Notice I did not say correct.  And I started pressing the shutter button. Not stopping to look and see what I captured just pressing and hoping I would get some good shots. And I think I did. 
This kid is happy. 
This kid is so kind. 
This kid is so good for my soul. 
This kid is patient and loving and caring and accepting. 
This kid is 3.5 with a soul of someone much older. 
This kid is big and little all in one body.
This kid is all mine. 

Click It


I joined Clickin Moms over a year ago. I read in the forums, I watch tutorials infrequently, and yet I still need some help.  If I am being honest, I need a lot of help.  

I received a gorgeous camera for Christmas, compliments of my husband, two years ago. And ever since then, I have wanted to master shooting in manual.   But, I haven’t.  I haven’t made time for myself, to learn about my camera, and take those pictures I am dying to have and truly master my Nikon.    I have learned some things but not enough to feel confident in my shooting.    But, I still shoot and find myself wanting more.  And, I am not sure what convinced me to sign up as fast as I did but when the registration opened, I did and I am ready.  So, today that all changes.  Today starts my first Clickin Moms class.  I am taking shooting 101: the best darn beginner course ever.  And, I am hoping it is just that. A beginning, to get me started, to motivate me to shoot more. 

Just in time for pictures in front of the Christmas tree…I hope. I will share my journey and hopefully you will see some pictures that are worth looking at that aren’t from Instagram!