Cate- 7 Months

Seven months ago you came in to this world and today, I can’t and don’t want to imagine life without you in it. Cate, someday you are going to look back at this blog and I worry what you will think. I worry that you will walk away thinking I complained about you. This week, your Mimi told me I deserve you and all your drama. She said you are me. She said that you scream me. So, instead of telling you about how you fuss when you aren’t held or still don’t consistently sleep through the night, I am going to embrace you and tell you some things that define your seventh month.

You get so happy, so excited that you actually start panting when we pick you up or do something to make you smile.

Your cheeks are delicious and full. You have finally started eating consistently, embracing solids and enjoying being full. You are getting those chubby cheeks that I find myself kissing each night before I lay you down to go to sleep. And I yearning for the day those chubby little legs poke out of a pink romper.

You love your feet. True all babies love their feet to some capacity, but this is different. You get mad when they are in a footed sleeper. You will eat them for hours. You will eat them on your changing table, when you are sitting up at your activity mat, or when you are in the bath. Sometimes your feet and your hands are in your mouth at the same time.
You love your stinking feet.

Your brother can make you belly laugh. We can get you to giggle, but he can make you laugh this deep, raw laugh that makes me catch your dad’s eye to say, “this is what life is about”. This past week at mimi and paw paw’s house he insisted on getting in the bath with you. You never stopped looking at him… only of course when I was trying to take your picture.

You blow raspberries all day long. You make different noises when you do it and you are pretty cute when you do it. The drool is ridiculous but I guess that is what happens when you get three teeth in 6 weeks. The teeth thing seems to bother you. Your nose runs, your cheeks get red, and you keep trying to cope with the pain. (Notice your feet on their way to your mouth.)
You are busy. Busy and curious about life. You want to touch everything and taking your picture is getting harder and harder. You tried to eat the sticker and were reaching for the letters in your name on the wall. We can’t leave you in the bath because you are nosy. So nosy, we found you half way out the tub the other night.
But, I love you. For who you are because you are mine. Don’t grow up to fast okay?