Our Cards {2013}

I really like to pick out Christmas cards. I get excited in the fall for this challenge and task.  I labor over the decision for weeks and it takes me ages to make a final decision.  And then when I do, I am so excited to get them.  I track them. And wait for them.  And get excited to address them.  For the past couple of years, I have used Tiny Prints.  (No, this is not a sponsored post.)  I like Tiny Prints. No, I love Tiny Prints. The customer service has been the best I have encountered.  This year in particular we had an error and they fixed it for free. And I found a better discount code after I ordered my cards and they honored it. Win. Win.

This year we took pictures in October and I wanted to play off the colors we wore and the gorgeous colors in the background.  So, these were my final choices.

From my family to yours, Merry Christmas!

tinyprint1 tinyprint2




All I Want For Christmas Is…

How can you not love Christmas when you see this nugget with a reindeer on his butt?

I love Christmas. Love every single thing about it.

I love the smell of a fresh tree and yes Glenn I still want to get a real one this year even if it comes from the Jewel parking lot and Brady rips it down.

I love the sounds of Christmas music, people bustling and glasses clanking one another. Mary Did You Know, The Christmas Shoes, and O Holy Night could play on repeat until December 25th. Sorry dad, Drummer Boy is sadly nowhere near my favorite tune.

And I love the sights of snow falling as I sip hot chocolate, babies sleeping in Christmas jammies, and the ornaments so carefully picked to represent the year it has been glistening on our family tree.

I also loves to be a list maker. I check things off (sometimes). I gett this from my mother. No one else. She has Christmas lists in July. And now so do I.

All the bloggers I loyally read, have started to post, talk about and discuss Christmas lists. And since I am a sucker for red holiday cups from Starbucks and and Christmas music on 93.9 I thought, maybe I would publicly give my mom and my husband some insight to what I want for Christmas early this year. Don’t worry, I will still be making my official lists but this is a glimpse into the things I am hoping Santa will bring me. Also, I thought I would share with you all some things I am loving because most of them are handmade and on the web. You need to get them ordered early mama, so get moving.
So, the three things on my radar right now..

1. Gussy. Where do I start? I have been a silent lover/stalker of her goods for quite a while. I was and I still am. I finally got some courage and reached out to her on Twitter to say hello and to introduce myself and I just want something Gussy even more now. I listened/read as others swooned about her stuff, I follow her on twitter, read her blog, enter any giveaway that she is hosting or providing goods for because I am desperate to have a little Gussy in my life. What is it that I want you ask? Well, a laptop bag would be amazing. How awesome is the print and a ruffle in the color of my choice? LOVELY. I am hoping this little present will eliminate my need to bring EVERYTHING HOME EVERY NIGHT from school because this bag only holds so much and I would hate to ruin it. If the bag doesn’t make it I will be sad but, Christmas will not be complete if I don’t get small pouch for my Droid. This is a must for me. See, my smartphone is my life. It is constantly lost, banged, beat up, and sometimes thrown if Brady gets his hands on it but if I had this cute pouch like this one, I would not worry about those things anymore. Mom are you reading?

2. Torie from 25 Designs makes these things, all these beautiful things that I just want. I am teacher as you all know so looking nice, updated and appropriate is important daily. Some days my outfits feel a little old, a little dated and little frumpy. But this cuff below, is adorable and would go a long way. What I love the most about her cute Etsy shop (seriously, I could spend my entire paycheck on etsy…that’s another talk for another day) is its affordable. Cute, cheap and adorable. I’d say it’s a must.
3. So, this brings me to something that is not handmade. I have a large obsession that seems to be getting bigger and bigger every day with photography. It all started with getting some SLR cameras at school and taking one home for the summer. I was hooked. I became obsessed with photoshop, editing images, and I keep telling myself that I will never be as amazing as our photographers Heidi Peters or Portrait Life, I may be able to hold my own and capture some memories. So, I am asking for some help on this one. I want an SLR camera. But which one to ask for? The Canon Rebel, a Nikon or a Sony? What do you think? Does anyone have a preference? I just want something that is easy to shoot with, lets me view on the screen and is user friendly. So, my third item is a toss up. HELP!