Hello Monday

Hello Monday! Last week was not one of my finest.  I could rattle off why and who I blame but it doesn’t do a lot of good so I have decided to embrace this week and be better.  So, I am starting to with some hellos to this week to get me off on the right track.

Hello five day school week which should allow me to get ahead and be present and maybe even play some catch up from last week. 

Hello Take Your Kid to Work Day. Teachers open up their classrooms and plan things that are kid friendly.  I am so excited to have Brady come to school with me.  He finally gets it and we are going to have a blast!

Brady 4.5

Hello getting a physical for the first time in forever this week and taking charge and care of my health.  I have yet to find a doctor since I moved up here almost 11 years ago that which has been a big reason why I haven’t done these things.  I am trying a new doctor and hoping this is the switch that I need.

Hello a kitchen that can at least be walked in. We have a ways to go and the little decisions seem to be the hardest for me to make but I can almost smell food being cooked and see the bright color of fresh fruit on the counter.

Hello to finding the grace to parent with patience this week.  I am struggling to be calm and cool when I need to be the most and I think I need to make daily and weekly goals towards being the mother I want to be.

Cate 2.5

Hello getting back on to my yoga mat after this past week of colds and allergies not allowing me to get there.

Hello Monday. Let’s do this.



Dad’s Day 2011

It’s hard to find someone that meets your expectations as a man. As a husband, as a friend and probably most importantly as a dad. When you grow up with a dad who doesn’t have a mean bone in his body, whose sense of humor is effortless, whose patience is tireless and willingness is overwhelming you struggle to ask yourself daily if there is anyone out there that can match him quality for quality.
I think I found one…

This week I have been reminded of that more than ever. Sure, we have had some moments that neither of us are proud of. But, when you have a active toddler in a cast, sometimes his frustrations become our frustrations. But this week, he has also been our backbone. Literally and figuratively. Holding Brady as he got x-rays since pregnant mamas are not allowed in the room, carrying him everywhere since 7.5 months and a 30lb toddler don’t go well together and reminding me as we dropped him off at Bright Horizons that this is harder on us than him.

So, on Father’s Day, I want to wish the two best dad’s I know, that I am proud to call mine, Happy Father’s Day. Today is day to celebrate you… to remind both of you just how much you mean to me and him!
Thanks for letting us experience the highs and helping us to cope with the lows! We love you!