Workouts that Work

I have been really motivated to work out even though the scale isn’t moving much lately. But the good news is that I feel better, sleep sounder, and make better food choices when I exercise so that is enough for me for now.  I have realized that having a buddy (Hi Tork!) makes me accountable and when we don’t sweat enough we keep going until we do.  With that being said, I found a blog that I read consistently for workout inspiration.

The blog is PBFingers.  She is a trainer and something out her workouts just work for me.

Yesterday, I did her 25 minute treadmill workout which she adapted from another blog and I adapted because I needed it to be 20 minutes.  Here is hers and the original and here is what I did.

Time  Speed  Incline
0-5  min 6.5 1
5-6 3.5 5
6-7 6.5 5
7-8 3.5 6
8-9 6.3 6
9-10 3.5 7
10-11 6.1 7
11-12 3.5 8
12-13 5.9 8
13-14 3.5 9
14-15 5.7 9
15-16 3.5 10
16-17 5.5 10
17-18 3.5 15
18-20 3.5 8


For starters, I was super sweaty.  The continuous change in the incline and speed made the time just fly by.  I was sweating just in the 5 minute warm up if it’s even considered that.  After the workout, my legs were shaking and I felt like I had a great quick cardio workout.  Not to mention I burned a ton of calories.

So, there you have it. 20 minutes of cardio that works! Enjoy.

Got any workouts you love?


Make It Work

As a mom of two young kids and a full time job getting to the gym is hard to do consistently.  Some weeks I get there more than others.  There are some weeks I just can’t find the time.  I have tried everything from scheduling it in my calendar to going there after Cate goes to bed to getting up at 5am to get a workout in.  And it usually week over week it ends up working out okay.  Then there are  weeks like this last one, where because of sickness and work schedules and evening commitments I just couldn’t get to the gym.  But I wanted to.

So, I decided to give some things on Pinterest a try.

Insert this FitSugar video.

Here’s the thing. I think the girls are kind of annoying but their honesty about what hurts as a result of certain things makes me laugh.  40 minutes in my kitchen and you know what. I was sweating. My heart rate was up and I felt like I got some type of workout in with a sick kid on the couch.  And the next day, I still felt it in my calves of all places.

This is not a sponsored post. This is just me telling one working mom to another that there are solutions. Maybe not the best workout you ever have but good enough to feel like you at least got moving when you thought you wouldn’t be able to.

And no, I didn’t wear my Fitbit Force until this week.  I am still confused and haven’t callibrated it yet.  So, more to come on this one.