It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Super Brady

So, as you know Halloween weekend took a different twist this year because my little brother Todd got married! So, we (Glenn) toyed with the idea of having him walk down the aisle in his superman costume but thought better of it. Then, we decided we would have him trick or treat on our block with Glenn but Brady decided to cut two of his first year molars this weekend and it was cold. Seriously, it was chilly last night, especially after the sun went down. So, we resorted to him standing at the door and handing out candy. My little busy body would sprint to the door every time he heard it open and would stand there as Glenn gave out candy. Sometimes, Brady thought it would be best to throw (literally) Milk Duds at kids.

Luckily, last weekend we were able to dress him up at take him to our friends the Vick’s house for a Halloween Party. He loved being with all the other kids and seemed to enjoy being Superman for a day. And next year, I look forward to him saying Trick or Treat.


Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!