9 Years Later

Another mama blogger does a “I Believe” post on Friday and today, I feel like it is one of those days, one of those nights that deserves more than an update about Brady.

So, this is a different direction and a different kind of post. But you know what? The day, tomorrow, 9/11, it deserves its own post.

In class today while discussing current events, I asked my students where they were 9 years ago. Most said, first grade. Most said they didn’t remember. And my response was that I do. I remember everything about that day.

In that time, I was feeling invincible. I was working in corporate America, doing what every other 22 year old does in the Chicago. Drinking after work at happy hour, going to the beach on the weekends, eating out at the newest restaurant,worrying about nothing and soaking up all my life after college had to offer. And then it happened.

Nine years later, I am in a different place. A more reflective place. A better place.
I am married.
And I am a mother.
A mother who BELIEVES in the good that mankind can do when we simply accept one another.
A mother who BELIEVES in the power of unity and the larger power of a divide.
A mother who BELIEVES that each of us are different but that we have a responsibility to our “littles” to teach them tolerance so we can all exist in this melting pot of a country.
A mother who BELIEVES in acceptance. Acceptance of the things that I cannot change and a willingness to learn about things I can and don’t know about.
A mother who BELIEVES that you can’t judge an entire population because of the action of a few.
A mother who BELIEVES in unconditional love. Because, the reality is, every person is this world is someone’s daughter and son. And every person belongs to someone and deserves to be forgiven.

So, tomorrow, remember that this day. And ask yourself, what do you believe?