Tidbits of Talk {Volume 15}

Tidbits of Talk   

Friday, Friday. I can’t believe it is already Friday.  I think I say this every week.   I kept thinking this week would go by slow since we were testing two days at school but it didn’t.  So, it’s Friday. And another edition of tidbits of talk is ready to go… at least I think so.

~Work is crazy right now. It is hiring season and firing season and the end of the school year which means the kids are crazy, I am crazy and no matter how hard I work, I can’t get it all done.  Yet, oddly when I do things like type this I realize I have more done than I thought.

~ Brady and I caught the plague last week. Literally, the plague I tell you. We were on the couch together home from school sick and we are still working on feeling better. We still have yucky noses, wet coughs, and struggling with fatigue but I am optimistic we are on the mend.

“I will smile all day at the doctor when I am not the one being poked and prodded”

~ I didn’t tell you but I rented a house for a week this summer at this place. People, I am telling you that I am already counting the days down. I must find a bathing suit, a mommy suit but a cute one. I am dreaming about sitting on the screened porch at night drinking a cold beer with my husband, sipping tea in the morning with my mama and driving our golf cart to the pool and pulling our wagon to the beach each morning.

~Cool story about the quality of customer service at J.Crew. I went in there on a Thursday to return some Crewcuts stuff and shop a bit for myself.  I have a woman there, Susan Small who I work with….like she sends me emails when new stuff comes in or the store is opening early etc… She was there on Wednesday but really busy. I ended up buying a pair of white jeans, four t-shirts that were on sale and a sweater.  I was in a HUGE hurry, paid, and left. After returning to work, I realized I had forgotten to take my teacher discount of 15% (did you know about this).  I was pretty bummed since I spent $200.  That is $30 off.  So, the next day, Friday, I called spoke the person who answered the phone who told me to bring my receipt in and they would adjust it.  I got home from work and was checking the mail. There was an envelope from J.Crew. Curious what it was, I opened it to find a note from Susan along with a receipt and gift card. It read, “Sorry I didn’t get to say goodbye. We are marking everything you bought down an additional 30% this weekend.  Looked at your transaction and applied additional 30% markdown and saw you did not take 15% for teacher’s discount so applied that as well. Thanks for shopping at J.Crew”.  That is why I love this store.

~ Gas and I do not really go together. If you ask my husband, it is one of the top five annoyances provided by me in his life. I hate to get gas and always feel like I don’t have time because I am usually just in time for everything. So, more times than not, it is on empty or daringly close. Yesterday was the closest call I have had in a while. I had one line left when I picked up Cate from her nanny and took her to the pediatrician for her flu booster. Do you see the side eye below? She’s a smart one I tell you. 
“I see what is in your hand and it doesn’t make me happy”
When we left there, I had no lines left. I went home and did not stop because both kids were screaming and we had been in the office for almost an hour. I left the house to go get my haircut and got ½ way there when the gas light went from yellow to red. Red…never seen that before.  I wondered if I could go get my haircut and then get gas but my conscience kicked in (aka what the heck would I do if I actually ran out and how long would Glenn remind me of it) so I stopped and got gas, was late for my haircut and then got a parking ticket thanks to the awful meter maids in Chicago. Sweet.