Happy Friday Friends! Sorry it’s been a bit quiet this week. Life just got in the way and we have been having way to much fun! I will be back with a list update next week and some other posts but today I am linking up with one of my favorite weekly link-ups.  Currently I am…

Smelling the sweet and salty smell of the Neutrogena sunscreen my kids wear on a daily basis. I think that this smell will forever remind me of my kids and the summer weather because whether we are at the park, the pool or they are at daycare that I can smell their sunscreen anywhere.

Wishing we could get to the bottom of Cate’s situation. I was going to post about her skin issues but then they even took a bigger turn for the worse and now we aren’t really sure what is going on so until I know more I am going to hold off.  What I can tell you is that my poor sweet girl is so itchy and uncomfortable in her own skin that it is almost hard to watch. Every day when we take her clothes off to either get her dressed or give her a bath, I pray in that moment that it has all gone away.  So far, that has not been the case.

Loving these last few glorious days before I return to work next week.  I am in squeeze all things in and get all things done mode but it is good and fun and my kids are so content right now.  Mother Nature has blessed us with mild weather in the past few weeks to the point that it has been plain cold some nights.  The sunny days, cooler temps and less humidity have allowed for our windows to be open.  It has also meant we can enjoy our time outdoors instead of being sweaty all the time.  With no routine, I find myself saying yes more and accepting that my kids just want to be kids. The park, the pool and the beach all made their way into our week this week and we had fun. This is honestly the first summer I can truly say I am not ready to go back to school.

Pouring more water as I have gotten into a nice routine with exercise. I am a better person when I exercise and I feel better. Just happier, calmer and patient.    The more I exercise the more I feel myself wanting water instead of pop or lemonade.  I love adding fruit to my water just to give it a bit of flavor but to be honest there is nothing more refreshing to me than an ice cold glass of water.  A mason jar helps too right?

Talking to Cate before she goes to sleep.  Cate and I have this funny routine at night. She is a dictator about it.  She is our snuggle bed and will let you rock her all night if you want to and that part of the routine makes up for the other part.   It makes me think of that book “Love You Forever” because I honestly think I will be sneaking in to her room when she is older to rock her because she will let me and since she is my last baby I won’t say no to it.  However, when you rock her you have to sing to her. I don’t exactly have a singing voice and the only song she will stand for is the A-B-C song.  I swear if you recorded it you would laugh at my voice but the minute you start singing her breathing slows, her head settles in my shoulder and I usually tear up because I am full of  love that is greater than I thought capable.


Weekend Randomness

The weather this weekend in Chicago reminded me why I love Chicago in the summer. The sun was shining all weekend long. There was not one ounce of humidity in the air. The nights were filled with cool breezes coming off the lake and we woke up to birds chirping.


We took a trip down memory lane. To the lakefront. The place I will always associate with my engagement, my husband, and the beginnings of our adventures that have led us to where we are. As we biked there I seriously questioned if my 30 week pregnant body would defy me. It didn’t and the lakefront didn’t disappoint.

I watched in awe, with tears in my eyes as my boys watched boats from the harbor enter the sparkling, shining, blue water of Lake Michigan. I stood behind them and the only thought I could clearly hear in my head which had been swirling with to do’s, must do’s and do now lists was don’t forget this image. Etch this moment in your brain because this is what life is about.


If you talk to me you know that like mother like son, my kid hates milk. But the kid loves, ice cream. And I am not above feeding it to him EVERY SINGLE NIGHT if it means some dairy goes in his body to help those bones heal. So, for the sake of not lugging him and his weapon of a cast to Scooters or Dairy Queen every night, I decided to become an ice cream shop. Saturday night it was chocolate milkshakes. And they didn’t disappoint.

Our house is our home. We have been “working on it” since we bought it (i.e. it has been sucking money from us since we bough tit) It has become a symbol of our efforts. It has new fixtures, redesigned spaces that I will show you soon, and every modern amenity that you would or could want in a house. It also means our kid has learned the joys of Menards and Home Depot. This weekend, paint stirrers were the drum sticks and paint cans the drums. The carpet was just taking up precious space in his cart.

Happy Monday! Can you believe July is already here? That means we are less than 10 weeks away from meeting our newest addition! The to do list is back to swirling in my head…Have a great week!