Click It


I joined Clickin Moms over a year ago. I read in the forums, I watch tutorials infrequently, and yet I still need some help.  If I am being honest, I need a lot of help.  

I received a gorgeous camera for Christmas, compliments of my husband, two years ago. And ever since then, I have wanted to master shooting in manual.   But, I haven’t.  I haven’t made time for myself, to learn about my camera, and take those pictures I am dying to have and truly master my Nikon.    I have learned some things but not enough to feel confident in my shooting.    But, I still shoot and find myself wanting more.  And, I am not sure what convinced me to sign up as fast as I did but when the registration opened, I did and I am ready.  So, today that all changes.  Today starts my first Clickin Moms class.  I am taking shooting 101: the best darn beginner course ever.  And, I am hoping it is just that. A beginning, to get me started, to motivate me to shoot more. 

Just in time for pictures in front of the Christmas tree…I hope. I will share my journey and hopefully you will see some pictures that are worth looking at that aren’t from Instagram!