Week Like These- Thankful Thursday One Day Late

Motherhood, friendship, and work.

All week, the only reference when thinking about these three things I come up with is hiking. Hiking a tall mountain, climbing through the hills, the peaks, and the treacherous valleys. The deep valleys that that you land in and you have to keep moving forward, keep pushing to get through so you can get back to the peak and see the view from the top. This week was a valley, a deep valley that I was stuck in. I was stuck my in own head consumed with thoughts about the negatives. The negative side of people who I thought were good. The negative in a job where simple struggles consumed me and days that I forgot to remind myself that I am teacher, because it is my calling and its my passion. The negative about the choices I make for my son because I allow others question, ridicule and criticize the choices I make for Brady. And only tonight as I was giving Brady a bath did I realize that all of this sooner or later will lead me back to the peak. The valley I decided in the bathroom tonight, can’t be that deep when you love something as great as my kid. I am thankful for…

31. Brady, who constantly teaches me what it means to rise above and be better.

(Don’t you love the stick…entertainment for hours!)

32. Nights with beer and good friends from school who keep me steady.

33. Starbucks holiday cups because they just make me ooze holiday cheer.

34. A husband that unequivocally supports me and reminds me that there is always someone in my corner.

35. A new sister-in-law and brother who returned safely from Aruba and Curacao.

36. Seventy degree, blue sky, fall days in November here in the Windy City that bring running shorts back out of my drawer.

37. My rocking parents who volunteered (I SWEAR) to come up and “get my house ready” for Christmas next week.

38. Parent Teacher conferences because for the first time in my teaching career I stopped and thought, ” Be gentle, this is someone’s baby and it could be yours in 5 years”.

39. friends like Angela (yes I named you) because every time I think I am screwing Brady up for life since he won’t drink milk, she gives me hope, ideas and feedback in way that makes me believe that we are all in this together and doesn’t make me think she judging my parenting.

40. dates on the calendar in December with friends from college that make me want to walk out of the valley and up that mountain when I have a week like this because those hours are so worth it!

What are you thankful for this week?