Thankful Thursday- And We’re Back

And just like that we are back to grind. Two parents working, one sick toddler, cold weather and busy schedules is catching up with our family quickly. I was actually okay with coming back to work. I needed a reason to get dressed and shower in the morning. I was getting back to the point of forgetting to shower and staying in my pajamas until way after lunch. I quickly reminded how much a schedule, organization and plans make my life, really all of our lives, so much easier. I am thankful for…

91. toddlers who when they are sick revert back to being newborns~ needing their mamas and wanting to be held.

92. a nice glider. It has gotten a lot of use in the early morning hours this week and as I rock back and forth, back and forth, the world stops as I listen to those sweet baby breaths that are heavy and my mind drifts back to when he was small and he barely fit in my arms and he would grasp my finger with his tiny hand.

93. for the Crock Pot blog hop. I love my slow cooker and as a working mom I rely on my crock pot more than I should. Now, I have quite a few new recipes in my repertoire. I just tried three packet pot roast and it rocked.

94. my first liquid love Diet Coke and its return. Ever since we got our Keurig, I am in love with taking a warm drink with me, yet I find that the Chai Tea just doesn’t have the caffeine punch my beloved Starbucks cup does so I am back. Back to drinking a Diet Coke to give me a boost.

95. my new running shoes. I am a loyalist to Brooks Running Shoes. Every Christmas I anticipate my new pair of shoes and every year I am ready to run. Ready to go. I am thinking the Soldier Field 10 Mile in May. Anyone interested? I need a goal and I think this is a good one.

96. friends that remind me that it is not the quantity of the time you spend together but the quality of the time. Some of my closest friends are not people that I see on a regular basis. I blame it on the working mom/life thing but that is not the best excuse. Regardless, my friends get it. They are okay with it and they still love me.

97. the kind words and thoughtful gift I received from a co worker upon returning from school. Those words are what keep me going on the days that I feel like the mountain is too high to climb and my limbs are too weary to fight the heights.

98. date nights. We have one next weekend and I am excited for it. After spending some alone time with my husband on NYE, I am reminded why we need the time as a couple and how much I enjoy him. So, the babysitter is booked and we are headed out.

99. this little article that reaffirms my belief that a mother’s instinct and trust in a pediatrician goes a long way in this world and that vaccinating on schedule is what is “right” for our family.

100. for this itty bitty blog that has allowed me to find a voice that did not exist a year ago. I may not have 1,000 followers and 200 comments but I have a place for my words and that was the purpose.