Life Updates

I find myself wanting to write a lot these days. Sometimes to just get something out of my head that I can’t seem to make sense of that putting on paper will hopefully become clearer or about specific events or moments that I want to remember forever.

Since, I last gave you an update we have hosted our first Thanksgiving quite successfully.  My parents joined us for a few days and we smoked a turkey on the Big Green Egg and had all the sides you could want.  My mom made a new corn casserole recipe that was to die for and I even think the turkey and wild rice chowder we made on Monday was worth talking about.

I got to spend a couple of hours shopping with my mom.  I love shopping with her but I love talking to her uninterrupted in person more.  Her clothes advice isn’t too shabby either!

We’ve all been a bit under the weather since Thanksgiving.  The throw up from Brady has been the worst of it.  While throwing up he wasn’t upset about being sick he was sad he missed slipper day at school.  It was pathetic and adorable all at once.  We have all had the sniffles, Cate’s I think might be a sinus infection or in her ears. It’s bad and she sounds awful.  She’s had it for over a week and the snot is now yellowish/green.  I am just praying we are healthy for the holidays. That my only wish right now.

We decorated our house for Christmas inside and out and it just makes me happy. Plain and simple.


We have two baptisms this month so we are going to have lots of church and family time in December.  We survived the first one unscathed and in all honesty our kids were amazing.  True troopers between being in the car, sitting in church, sitting thru a long meal and driving home.

I’m hoping we’ll survive the next few weeks and get some good quality family and down time after Christmas.  I think we all need it.

I’m not giving up writing here. So, bear with me as I get my fingers on a keyboard again.  Who knows when I will be back but I really love this little space.



August Brain Dump

This poor blog has the same story of neglect that it had most of  last spring and I guess I am not sure what to do with it at this point.  Do I keep writing when I find the time every once in a while to have a place to remember our lives?  Do I find a different way to store all of the sacred stories we’ve created? Or do I just toss in the towel and move on.  The problem is that with these three choices I still have all kinds of posts swirling in my head but yet sitting down to write just seems unimportant when I am home with two kids who are almost 3 and almost 5.

I go back to work in 10 days and the anxiety is real.  Every August I start to get worried about balance, transitions, and time.  Yet, now I am also struggling with my purpose.    I think every fall I  slowly start to feel ready to go back to work yet this year I haven’t had that thought once.  We quickly fell in to a routine that was comfortable and easy this summer.  There is something so gratifying about my primary purpose of being a mom this summer.  Maybe it took me longer than someone who stayed at home since the birth of a child but the feeling is real.   There is something that deeply calls me to think about my future and what I want it to look like.

B&C Patio

I wrote on Instagram that this summer has been quiet, uneventful and yet so perfect that I think I am getting a glimpse in to what life is started to be with two amazing kids. I watch other kids and think how truly lucky we are to have two kids who go with the flow, are relatively well behaved and enjoy doing just about anything as long as we are together.

As this summer slowly starts to slip away, I hope I find my voice in this space again to show some things that I am excited about.



Brady {Pictures}

One afternoon earlier this month, it wasn’t freezing. And Brady had all this energy to burn. He wanted to be outside. We were not sold it was the best idea but he wanted to play with sticks, pretend to dig for dinosaurs and turtle chop with the sticks that were in our yard as a result of the latest storm. 

{On a side note, I thank god after every storm that the DEAD (really dead) tree in our yard did not crash in to our house. It will be removed at the first sight of spring.}
So, I decided instead of being annoyed that it was cold, frustrated about him demanding to be outside and Cate inside I would embrace it and use it as an opportunity to use my camera.  No joke, natural light does wonders when using a camera. I found myself quickly getting to settings that were acceptable. Notice I did not say correct.  And I started pressing the shutter button. Not stopping to look and see what I captured just pressing and hoping I would get some good shots. And I think I did. 
This kid is happy. 
This kid is so kind. 
This kid is so good for my soul. 
This kid is patient and loving and caring and accepting. 
This kid is 3.5 with a soul of someone much older. 
This kid is big and little all in one body.
This kid is all mine.