‘merica (4th of July)

We returned to my parents’ home for the Fourth of July weekend.  The weather was almost perfect. I say almost because towards the end of our stay it was just too hot for small kids or at least my kids if you weren’t near water.  We spent a lot of time doing very little which is really nice if you read my last post. There is a fine line that I feel like we tread daily… too little activity and we have behavior issues but less structure usually results in some equally good memories.

Cate Lashes

Her lashes kill me…

The in ground sprinklers provided a good start.


And the sprinkler helped continue the fun.


Pure joy


Just not sure about the water

It is amazing to relieve your childhood thru your child. I wanted him to know and experience some of my best memories. Popcorn in a paper bag, a cooler of drinks, blankets and bug spray set the scene for a night I won’t ever forget as a mom. As we were waiting, there were walks to the pond, glow sticks to play with and time to just be in the moment. We watched as a dad and his daughter played catch as the sun started to set. I remember being more excited to play catch somewhere other than our front sidewalk on the 4th. I sat their wondering how soon before Brady asks to bring a mitt or stick or a football. And, I wondered if this is what it means to come full circle. To be so grateful for your past and so excited to think about what lies ahead. There were a lot of wows, oh wow and I love those being uttered in those minutes immediately after the sun set for the evening and I caught myself watching him more than I watched the show.


Waiting patiently


Welcome to the Suburbs Storm Style

We had seen on the weather reports that like every other day this spring we were in for rain this week. I didn’t think much of it except to make a snarky comment to Glenn about our old house needing an arc if it was going to rain as much as they said it was.  But our new house is high on the street, has a sump up and a back-up and to this point has not given us reason to worry about a little rain. Little was not the right word. 

It started raining on Wednesday… most of the day on and off.  It was a tranquil steady rain that made you want to curl up with a hot drink and a book and watch it come down.  By dinner time it was really raining. We slept through the storm on Wednesday night with the exception of the thunder and lightning that woke me up but not anyone else in our house.  I got in the shower on Thursday morning and thought nothing of the rain the night before. I only kept thinking how wet I was going to get taking Brady in to preschool.  
My phone started buzzing at 6:15 with my mom asking if we could talk. Still not thinking anything I called her to hear that my brother’s house was flooded in Elmhurst, my brother was in D.C. and my dad was on his way from Bloomington to help my sister in law. At that point, I looked at Glenn with panic in my voice and told him to check the basement. He did and there was a SMALL puddle seeping in.

Brady and I left to go to school and then I saw this.

I put the car in reverse knowing Glenn’s car would not make it through the water. We shuttled our nanny and her son through the water in our SUV and then the three of us set off for preschool, school and work. It took us a long time, lots of rerouting and what we saw brought tears to my eyes. Homes submerged that looked they were floating. And on top of it all the rain was not stopping.

After getting to school, it was decided a few minutes later to cancel.  The daycare was closing. Glenn left work, we picked up Brady and headed home. To find this.

The only route to and from our house was a kayak. 

I learned today that my street and neighbors are amazing, even the ones that have lost everything.

So thank you suburbs and mother nature. For teaching me a couple of lessons- that my neighbors are fighters and my friends and that my sump pump is the new love of my husband’s life. 

And even after a storm, beauty shows up. Hello pretty deer looking for dry land. And oh, snowflakes you can go away anytime. 

Happy Weekend Friends.