Books of 2015 {February, March and April}

I thought I was going to update you each month on what I was reading. Well, then life happened and I didn’t read a single book in February.  Weird month to not read since winter was in full effect, but I didn’t. However, I have since picked up my pace and been reading quite a bit lately.

Shotgun Love Songs: A Novel

Quick Review: I had a hard time getting in to the book and it lasted longer than I would have liked but the story was interesting not something I had read before.

Thumbs Up

All the Light We Cannot See

Quick Review: Again, a slow start. But a Pulitzer Prize later, I could not stop turning the pages. I

Thumbs Up

The Nightingale 

Quick Review: Hands down my favorite book I have read this year. It is about WW2 and occupied France. I was sobbing at the end on a Sunday morning in our dining room finishing it.

Prodigal Son

Quick Review: Predictable, easy to read.


The Liar

Quick Review: Easy to read. I was turning pages like crazy trying to finish this monster book. Good chick read.

Thumbs Up

Okay, so there is what I have been reading. How about you? What do you have for me? Summer is almost here which means I will have some time to dive in to some books.



Books of 2015 {January}

WILD by Cheryl Strayed

Me: Thumbs Up

Quick Review: I knew nothing of the Pacific Coast Trail until reading this book and I was impressed with her and her story.  I think the piece of this book that I will never forget is the kindness she experienced along the way from strangers.

GRAY MOUNTAIN by John Grisham

Me: Thumbs Up

Quick Review: I have a been a loyalist to Grisham since high school. This book was quick and easy to read and somewhat predictable but I found myself wanting to finish it. The coal company story line was really interesting and made me wonder how much of this “dumping” occurs.


Best Reads of 2014 (in no order)

The Invention of Wings

We Were Liars

The Husband’s Secret

One Plus One

Nantucket Sisters

Reconstructing Amelia

Me Before You

Night Road

The Fault in Our Stars

Lone Survivor

That’s what I’m reading! What are you reading?


Currently v.3

enjoying: the feeling of getting a great workout in and following such inspiring people on Instagram. Fitness was/is such a big part of my life and I am glad it is slowly creeping back in.  So much so that I am researching the Whole30 and trying to make some major food changes when our kitchen renovation is done.

dreaming: about our kitchen renovation being done, long nights outdoors on our block, and the smell of grills in use and sweaty and sun kissed skin

loving: the enthusiasm Brady is showing for organized sports, Chicago sports and being involved in athletics

watching: The Amazing Race All Stars, Grey’s Anatomy and GAME OF THRONES (OMG Joffrey)

reading: I just finished Night Road by Kristin Hannah and literally cried through most of it.  Maybe because I see myself in the mother or because the plot centers on my biggest fear which is something happening to my kids.  I followed it up with Me Before You and found myself sobbing most of the way.  I am thinking I need an uplifting book next. Any ideas?

quoting:  my yoga instructor from Tuesday night when she asked us to set an intention for our practice. “Your mat is your space and it may be our only time alone- set intention. Be selfish and spend this time on you.” I am saying this daily at some point each day even if it while I take a couple sips of coffee alone in my office while doing nothing.   

Thinking: I need to get some things done around our house.  I need to decide on some colors to accent our new kitchen, start planning Brady’s new room and working on our outside.

eating: carrots, cliff bars, fresh fruit and yogurt and yes take out

drinking: skinny mochas or skinny vanilla lattes from starbucks since our kitchen in under construction and our coffee maker is not available for use.  I have missed my old friend Starbucks but not as much as I thought I would. 

craving: some time with friends, some time alone and a home cooked meal

listening to: Pompeii by Bastille and belting it out with kids in the car every morning. Totally my therapy right now.