Friday Randoms V.16

Oh man, quiet over here in blog land. Some days I will tell you I literally just had nothing to write and other days I knew I had things to say but wasn’t really wanting to put them out there for all to read.

This week was just weird.  And hectic. And weird.  When we have a busy weekend, I feel like we don’t recover really well the next week.  Coupled with the fact that Cate has had a cold for a long time and a fever showed up Wednesday night which feels weirdly fitting for this week.  I caught a cold earlier this week and I am still suffering through it.  I feel like I have been sick every other month since Christmas.   Prior to this year, I have been pretty healthy but this year has not been great.  Add to that, work has been a beast.  I’ll just leave it at that for now.  A beast that I am not dealing with very well right now.  And I have to chaperone the prom on Saturday night.  It is a lovely night.  Really lovely night once you get there.   But getting there and the days leading up to it are hard.  No one likes being out on a Saturday night at my age until midnight, with teenagers and without booze.  The upside of all of this is that my mama is on her way and my pops will be here tomorrow so there’s that positive.

If you saw my Facebook post last weekend, my ma scored big at the Lilly Pulitzer for Target extravaganza last weekend. She braved the crowds since mine was not even bearable and managed to score quite a few things for Cate and I.  I’m dying to try them on and keep thinking some returns might make their way back in to the store soon. A girl can hope right? Have you seen the resale market? Ebay sellers are charging the same for this merchandise as it costs for regular Lilly stuff. Insanity I tell you.

Brady is in full t-ball swing. We followed the rules and put him in the 4/5 year old league for non-Kindergartners and let me tell you- big mistake playing by the rules. He was huge. A beast among babies and his athleticism really showed.  So we moved to the kindergarten league where tons of kids not in kindergarten are playing but it is pretty much the same and we are waiting for him to say he is bored. I’m not ready for him to get older but I am ready for him to start playing more organized sports. I need something to challenge him on that front besides Glenn and I in the front yard.

Around the Internet

I am truly a loyalist and a lover of J. Crew. But lately, some of their stuff has my head scratching.  This article is so funny and on point.  Bring back the classics. Please.

This article is interesting just because I know people that this situation is theirs but I fall in the others category where it is not the case.  I don’t feel like I “get it” or it “resonates” with me because honestly I work because it makes sense financially,  for insurance and because I love it.  If one of those things changed, I’m not sure where I would stand. If there is one thing being married to my husband has done, it has made me have a more critical eye with money. Scary.

And finally, this video had tears running down my face.

What We Ate

Monday- Grilled Kabobs

Tuesday- Grilled Chicken and Scalloped Potatoes

Wednesday- Sushi and Sandwiches

Thursday- Burgers

Friday- ?

Happy Weekend. Enjoy it… I know I am ready for some time with my mama and pops.



Lust and Bust

Well, hello Monday! We are out in the desert soaking up some seriously needed sunshine and family time.  I think the build up to traveling is enough to make me crazy but I have to tell you that I typed this before we left because my laptop is at home- right where it’s supposed to be.

As I’ve gotten older and in all honesty, since I have become a mom, I have found that shopping online is an easy way for me to keep my wardrobe updated with relative ease. I would rather shop in person, but it just doesn’t always happen.


The dress was a bust. I feel like it was way too busy for my small frame and I am honestly tired of chevron. Really tired of it… so as cute as the color combo of mint, red and black and the crossing stripes are it just didn’t work for me. I tried it with wedges and I still couldn’t make it work.  Darn it. Bust.

The top is a lust. I have been looking at this shirt online for two weeks now. It’s not in stores yet. It’s in my shopping bag online.  My worry is the stripe is ivory.  If it’s white, I’m buying it! So cute right?